Celebrities have long been known to make huge disposable incomes; now they need something to spend them on, and they sometimes choose stupidly expensive things to buy. Mike Tyson, for example, is not supposed to be forgotten to be mentioned in this list, of the cats he bought. At the peak of his career, he gained a lot of popularity and amidst it, he bought two super tall cats. These were not any usual ordinary little cats, but two baby tigers.

Diamond encrusted

If you are a female or have a daughter, you must have come across buying a barbie doll. For decades, barbie has been the doll every girl has wanted. Beyonce’s baby girl Blue Ivy, like any girl too needed to have a Barbie doll but the mother had to prove her love and did not want to go cliche. She did not want to hit a Walmart store and buy just another usual Barbie. So for her daughter’s very first birthday, she got her a customized Barbie doll. This doll dressed in white gold, and covered with more than 150 gems has reportedly cost Beyonce about $85,000. Many people believe that the shape of a Barbie sets little girls goals that are not achievable. A diamond-encrusted Barbie is a whole next level, and gifting it to a toddler is just pointless as she would not even know what she is holding in her hands.

Sonogram Cruise

Now we have Tom Cruise, who has maintained a reputation for going a bit insane every once in a while. As you might remember the incident of jumping over Oprah’s couch, of him with his former wife, Katie Holmes. He has proved his insanity once more by paying a whole $200,000 at the time of Holmes’s pregnancy, for a sonogram machine. As they produce ultrasound, Tom Cruise kept monitoring his baby at any time that he liked. As these are to be used in a controlled amount for the baby the doctors were scared, he might have hurt his baby. Tom Cruise could not care any less, but the baby Suri was just as healthy at birth as any other baby.

Katy Perry

Though she is not as crazy as our handsome Tom Cruise, she is no less. Katy Perry had a short marriage too just like him, and when her ex-husband Russel Brand was nearing his 35 years on Earth she had to surprise him. She wanted it to be different and unforgettable hence she did not go for something tangible. She instead sent Russel Brand to visit outer space. A billionaire who owns the spacecraft, Virgin Galactic was paid by the singer to make this happen.

Angelina Jolie

For Brad Pitt’s 48th birthday his loving wife Angelina Jolie wanted to get him something super special. And since he has a great love for architecture she wanted it to be something related to that. Angelina bought him a whole waterfall and the property around it and turned it into a house beneath which a real-life natural waterfall ran. This house looked exactly like the house in Pennsylvania built over a waterfall by Frank Lloyd Wright. This was perhaps the best she could do.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga had always been a huge fan of the uncrowned King of Pop, Michael Jackson. After his death, she ended up buying his things as a memory of him from his estate. These were no signed CDs but Michael’s very own clothes. These were not just his jeans and shirts that she bought, the wardrobe she paid for also included his all-time famous red jacket. Yes, the very same jacket that he wore during his BAD tour. This cost her almost a quarter million dollars. She also bought his all-time famous crystal glove for $100,000 it had a second glove too that Michael was never seen wearing on record.

Miley’s dog

Miley has been known to be crazy after her pet dogs. Though people mostly are mad after their pet dogs, some go insane over them; Miley is one of these people. You would not be very surprised when we tell you that she bought a Range Rover for her two pet dogs. This gift was estimated to be over six figures, and that is how much she spent on a car for her two pooches. As we all know poor little dogs are not able to drive, she and others drive them around. This vehicle is only used for these dogs to go around and nobody else uses it.

Brad Pitt

After the movie World War Z, the actors could take home anything they liked from the sets. Pitt chose to take home a T-54 Soviet Tank. The Tank worked perfectly, and he had to pay a heck lot of money to get it shipped to southern California, where he lives. We wonder what use is a tank; perhaps it looked great in his garage. He might want to sit in the tank on bad days and shoot anybody who comes nearby; he must feel safe if ever a war broke out unexpectedly.

10 Burger King Franchises

Kim Kardashian’s famous bottom’s secret has been unknown to us. But we guess we now have a hint of how she got that kind of back, perhaps it is her love for fast food. Burger King to be exact is probably her favorite restaurant. Now we never heard of that in any of her interviews, but that sure is the case. Kayne West had bought her ten freaking Burger Kings as a present for their wedding. This cost him about $7.5 million; somebody might have told him it could pay off very well. Imagine working at Burger King and the owner being Kayne West.

Walnut Cameron

James Cameron has made two of the most successful movies in history, the two have broken records. He had some extra money to play around with. He already was the owner of a New Zealand farm for his love of nature is never dying. He one day came to know of a farm just nearby his but this time, it was a Walnut farm. He bought it as soon as possible. New Zealand happens to be one of his favorite places, and he believes that this location is gorgeous to shoot movies. $20 million of the property is his in this little country. No wonder how tasty you find Walnuts would you ever pay so much to buy a farm where you can grow your own?

Race horse

California Chrome the new champion of the horse racing world in 2014 won the very first triple crown. This happened first time in 1978. The whole fuss made Chrome a very special horse with a very costly price tag; Jay-Z has been known for his expensive purchases, and he bought this horse as well. $55 million is the amount he paid to buy this famous little pony. This might seem like a loss as anybody would know he would not be winning any more races, but it is not. He could be used as a great Stud to breed!