Sony Xperia Z5

So, Since the Sony Xperia Z5 has been rumored, developers and all the people who leak specs and other things about the rumored devices now have their favorite place to do all these things. And all the developers out there they will surely love this place because XDA Forum has begun a new thread for Sony Xperia Z5.

This phone is going to be a dream come true for all the Sony smartphone lovers (well I’m not one of them). So all the gossips for this device whether it is for a new case, new accessory or a new custom ROM you will get it all here at the same place. All the news about any technical or software problem will emerge from this very place and spread like fire on all over the internet.

This thread you can find here and then start writing anything about this device, do not copy any others work and please respect developers providing you awesome ROMs, hacks, and mods for free of cost. XDA developers are solemn about sharing something on the thread so make sure whatever you are posting should be in the right place or your account may get terminated.

Keep checking this thread and make sure you don’t leave news behind, if you a Sony Xperia smartphones fan.

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