We have had no choice but to reduce our expenses this year so we aren’t hosting the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet SO-05G stock ROM at this time.

However, there are several ways you still may be able to obtain it. First, you can try one of our competitor sites which can often be relied upon the same way as us, though we don’t know any of them personally and can’t recommend any specifically. Second, you should search for a free firmware update tool for Sony. Firmware update tools can download the firmware directly from the smartphone manufacturer’s servers; however, they’re not available for every manufacturer. Try GitHub and XDA Developers for such tools. Lastly, you may wish to get in contact with Sony and ask them if they are willing to share the firmware file with you. Note that often a smartphone brand will prefer you send your device to them to fix troubleshooting issues before they will hand over such files on the internet.