Walmart is bringing in nearly 500 billion dollars in revenue during 2015 alone. While money is usually at the forefront of most people’s minds when thinking about the company that represents the Dow Jones, some interesting characters that walk through the doors come in a close second. If you’ve been seeing some funny pictures of people shopping in Walmart of late, don’t worry, we doubt you’ve seen these particular ones before unless you’ve checked them in the last few days.

As a soon-to-be uncle in a few months, I can somewhat sympathize with a lack of enthusiasm to do with baby clothing. As you can see here, the mother was clearly out of ideas about how to dress the young one and decided to copy the doll. Either that or they weren’t consciously aware of where they got her ideas from.

Walmart might be down about 200 billion in assets this year, but they are making up for it with these two lovely assets in their own right.

While it’s never cool to poke fun at people who struggle to eat too much, it is cool to poke fun at people trying to look like Kobe Bryant at the same time. I assume that’s what the guy on the left is looking to achieve here. Kobe Jelly Bean Bryant in underpants perhaps. The girl on the right is a little different.

You see, she’s done a pretty decent job at covering up all the wrong places. However, she’s left open one vital position and I’m glad she did because it lets me ask you the question: why do some women have a line down the belly like that? I see this sometimes and I have no idea what it is. I used to think it had something to do with giving birth, but I had recently seen people with it who I am sure did not have kids; therefore, it could be something else that in my long life I haven’t yet heard about. Who can solve this mystery for me? Is anyone in the comments?

Walmart has over 2.2 million employees across the world in so many different stores that it would be impossible to spot them all on a map.

They say that black women struggle to control their hair. Well, that’s never been more apparent than now, although we cannot verify how real this hair is. One would have to assume that it’s fake but don’t be surprised if it’s real. Some people have some crazy ideas in life. If you open the World Guinness Book of records you’ll see all sorts of crazy records like the longest fingernails which wrap around the fingers like giant candy.

The first store opened in Arkansas. Maybe that’s why this pig feels so much at home — because they are a lot of pigs in Arkansas aren’t there?

If you look through all of the pictures we have, you’ll see at least three goats (including the other post we have on the site). Throw in a pig and it becomes quite apparent that people love animals. Oh, and people love to bring their pets shopping with them. With so many pets being normal’ dogs and cats, you have to wonder why we are seeing so many other animals apart from the usual ones we know as pets. Are they deliberately bringing in animals? Or perhaps they Do bring in many dogs and cats, it’s just that people don’t bother taking pictures of them because they are nothing out of the ordinary.

Most young people don’t enjoy listening to their parents tell stories about the old days. I’ve gotten to an age where I enjoy sitting around people older than my parents and listening to what they have to say. Some of it is just wrong. Much of it usually is. But on the other hand, some of the points they make can be quite good and you can learn from them. One thing that old people usually let you know about is how sexualized the world is becoming as time goes on. You only need to look back 50 years and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman with her ankles showing. These days it’s not even considered all that smutty to have a mini-skirt on and it’s not considered provocative to show your body. When standing inside Walmart you might find a girl like this one who might nearly make you change your mind.

There are over 11,000 locations around the world where people can call the local Walmart to buy electronics, home goods, and much more. They sell so many goods and services that even Batman feels the need to pop in now and then.

The car on the left looks more like what April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drove than the Bat Mobile so I don’t know why they went to so much effort with an expensive paint job. maybe it’s a rental. One thing I do know for sure is that the guy looking like an angry Dwight Howard doesn’t look at us taking pictures of him.

From cash and carry, discount stores, super-center, superstores, supermarkets and so much more — there’s always something for kids to do. As funny as it might seem, I think most of us have played some games in a store of some description and acted like we were just previewing the game before we bought it, only to never buy it at all. Then there are those times when you rock up with a friend and just relentlessly play the games like you just don’t care.

We aren’t exactly sure what the two siblings are trying to do on the right. It appears as though one is acting like they must be over the back of the other to get what they have on their hands. However, there doesn’t appear to be any relevance to doing that at all. It must be an older sister taking advantage of the younger sister just because.

With Caitlin Jenner coming out lately, guys dressing like this are somewhat less funny than they used to be. Now we have to sit back and wonder if is this possibly a legit feeling this guy has and if we should respect it. Or is he somebody who needs to be locked up, or at the very least, put in the sin bin for time out?

A cross between Where’s Wally and an overgrown baby, it’s hard to say that this has anything to do with the traditional style of cross-dressing that we are aware of so much. With that being said, let’s focus our attention on weirdo number two on the right.

If you want to wear a skirt and you aren’t from Scotland, that’s fine. However, you still need to keep your fashion sense in mind. I’m not sure any traditional female would be seen wearing what this guy is wearing, although I do know some that enjoy the color pink. What do you think? Has this man taken things a bit too far with the pink or does it look nice?

We’ve all had a girl in our year level that had a face like this, right? OK, well maybe it’s just me. This girl might be the same one I went to school with — they look like twins. Although the bodies are not the same. So, all of our Walmart pictures have been kind of the opposite of this so we thought we’d throw in this Doppelganger to make sure you do keep shopping there.

Walmart is a fantastic place. We don’t write these guides to poke fun at them. We just really do so the funny thing that we’ve shown you in this post happening at Walmart — they are not Photoshop we can assure you. However, where there is smoke there is fire, and where there is water, there is also fire. Not a great example but you know what I mean. No matter what you are interested in seeing, whether it’s comedy or a great-looking female, you are sure to find both during your next trip to the Walmart shops or two.

Yes, it’s true, we’ve seen a goat story in here before, but that story did not involve having it on a leash while scooting around on a motorized scooter. These stories often draw a fine line between what should be OK and what should be cruel. We can only assume that if the animal wanted to stop somebody would see it as if it’s all happening in Walmart. Then again, you would think that there’s no way this can happen inside a shopping center either.

One thing we know for sure: this is one goat that will always have great fitness if he is made to keep this up every week.

We’ve shown you goats — several of them. We’ve shown you pigs. We haven’t shown you any normal animals like cats or dogs. Sticking with the theme of unusual things to bring into Walmart, we decided to show you these two creatures. Meet this giant lizard dude on the right and none other than a giant snake on the left. Both of them have developed a following for love and hate. With that, we are sure that many people had a great time seeing these animals in real life. On the other hand, we are sure some people who planned on doing a night’s shopping quickly turned back around and decided to come back and shop another day. Such is life with a love-hate relationship.

There’s nothing to make fun of an organ donor or someone who gives blood. people rely on other people’s blood if they are in hospital or have had accidents and have lost a lot of their blood. It’s kind of gross when you think about it, but just stop thinking about it as blood and just think of it as battery juice and it should help you see more clearly. That much we love to see. However, this guy’s Tee isn’t exactly referring to giving a heart for a transplant.

It really wouldn’t be all that funny on its own. However, when you not only pair it on this man but take into account the camera timing with this man’s facial and body expression, all of a sudden it becomes nearly a work of art. Wonderful.

I remember when I was just old enough to drive I went to a John Butler concert. The first half an hour was great listening to the music. Then I realized my legs were about to get sore. He ended up playing for about 4 hours much to the delight of most of the crowd. Johnny thought he was doing us all a great service. However, my legs were killing make so bad I had to leave before he finished. As much pain as I was in, I don’t think it accounts for quite as much pain as looking at the back of these two Jon Butler Trio heads.

Has anybody seen the movie You’re next? The animal on the left reminds me of that. This is Walmart though, so let’s not get too scared. The point of this picture is to show the funny animals you can see in the shopping center if you stay there long enough. Not only do they come with giant funny-looking heads, but they can also come with…tales out the other side according to specimen B to the right.

As we get older, our fashion sense generally wears away. Some older folk like these two guys prefer to think they are as hip as ever. Hey, love, I’m going to wear a red outfit and you wear yellow. We’ll easily look the best in the Walmart frozen section.

Most horrendous fashion examples come from people not having more money to spend on better attire. However, I’m not sure that’s the reason for the current explanations we have here. It appears like they do have money — they just decided to go out looking like a pair of flowers in matching get-ups.

Over the United States and throughout other parts of central and South America for that matter, people celebrate an occasion known as Turkey Day. Turkey Day has a proper name called Thanks Giving where they give thanks for all the things they appreciate in life over the last 12 months — or something like that anyway.

Turkey day is kind of a big deal. It’s often celebrated like most other countries would celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t matter who you are and if you don’t feel thankful for anything, let’s all go out and buy a turkey anyway. I guess some just like to eat.

These two ladies associate more than just eating when it comes to turkeys. As you can see, they prefer wearing them on their heads. And if you were wondering, no, they are not real turkeys, so all you animal activists can sit back down.

As a male, there are often I sit back and don’t feel jealous that I don’t have to carry a baby around with me everywhere I go. I still suffer from a somewhat immature syndrome where I just can’t imagine myself biting the bullet and walking around in public with a child under my arms — perhaps I need to go through the birth of my child to understand that change in the state of mind.

Then there are those other types of people who really couldn’t care less. Sometimes the care factory is so close to zero that they nearly cover them in shopping whilst forgetting the child is even there, I’m sure that kid is having a field day thinking he’s going home with a lot of toys. Sadly, he will probably be upset when he realizes none of what is currently surrounding him in that shopping trolley is for him. he might have some better luck with the clothing that’s hanging up over to the side, though. However, I’m not sure he can see that yet.

Remember those times when you were young and your Dad would show some plumbers crack and it was too awkward to do anything about so you just stood there and waited for it to go away? No? Just me, OK then. This man has a bad dose of the plumber’s situation, but making matters even worse, his underwear isn’t holding up either.

The funny thing is the vending machine that he is bending down to use isn’t for your average soda cans either. It looks like they could be a fresh dose of what he is missing! Is it either that or a bike seat? What do you think he is getting from the store.?

We all know somebody who doesn’t have many eyebrows, whether it’s because they did something stupid when they were younger and plucked them all out and they never grew back, or they just naturally don’t have much hair in that place. Either way, both people are strong candidates for people who will eventually bite the bullet and draw eyebrows on.

It’s important to make sure you know what you are doing before starting to draw so you don’t end up like this woman. Whether it’s a practical joke or whether it’s seriously how she wants to look walking around Walmart is yet to be determined.

Most guys probably didn’t watch too many fairy tales growing up. As such, they’ll find it difficult to identify this lady (just like myself). Whether it’s Snow White, Cinderella, or one of the seven Dwarfs I don’t care. The point is she looks hilarious. I guess there’s a slight chance she is dressed up in a fancy dress evening or a costume for some event. I say only a chance because it’s almost become normal to see people like this within the Walmart walls.

We all know some people like to dress in ‘drag’ and I guess that’s probably what these two are doing. I really shouldn’t judge and I generally greet the world with the most open mind possible. Regardless of how open my mind can be, there are always going to be some things that I just don’t get. It doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual or homosexual, if you are walking around looking like this then I’m going to have a hard time taking you seriously. Let’s hope that they are off to a costume party and nothing less. No matter what they are wearing they really should both be wearing the same things unless they are the same person. that’s my advice.

We’ve already shown you at least one case of eyebrows gone bad today so here’s another one just for good measure. We see some very peculiar eyebrows drawn on faces these days. I remember a few years ago when our local TV had a new TV station for us to have on free-to-air TV and didn’t require any cable or satellite subscription. Anyway, it aired a show called Operation repo which is of course a show about repo men and women out of the United States — around the areas of sunny California I believe judging by some of the paces they would visit driving around town.

The moral of the story is this girl kind of reminds me of the girl from that show. And if you are somebody who watches the show, pay close attention to the cuts where they sit down and talk about the event, and if you watch carefully enough you’ll see sometimes when the girl is clearly missing eyebrows and then during the next sentence her eyebrows will be back on again. Some serious editing work needs to be addressed with that show.

It’s not always a lady’s fault that their clothes are see-through. Sometimes even our mothers have a see-through top at the back that makes you raise your eyebrows and ask what’s going on there. The designers just make stuff and women don’t always know, how they look from the back. That’s hopefully where this girl comes into play. We assume she doesn’t know she looks like that from the back.

Race is a sensitive subject these days so let’s not bring skin tone into the conversation. Irrespective of who you are or where you come from, this is not a good look to have when you are shopping. Sometimes I can’t go shopping unless my pants are sitting perfectly over my shoe. For me, it’s nearly impossible to fathom how anybody can go out shopping in pajamas. I couldn’t do that as a dare. What about you?

What’s more fitting than waking up one sunny morning and turning the channel over to Sesame Street for your kids? How about shopping at Walmart with your young one and pulling up next to the Cookie Monster down the aisle? Hopefully, you don’t get into this situation because then you’d be forced to try and explain to your kids what the Cookie Monster is doing at Walmart — if you should decide to go down that route of pretending it is the real one. Often it’s easier just to try and pull the wool over the kid’s eyes because it results in fewer words having to come out of your mouth for explaining. For example, if you said it wasn’t the Cookie Monster and it’s just a guy in a suit you’d then need to spend at least ten minutes explaining how and why there is a guy in a suit. That’s something you should typically try and avoid, especially when surrounded by people who are listening to your words as you tell your child. What a nightmare situation.