The SD booster app is a really cool app if you have root access on your Android. SD cards are everywhere these days. Most Android has them. If you don’t know what SD card is, it basically is the card that gives you some external memory. You also may use it to plug into the side of your TV to view photos on the big screen. Now that you recognize the name and how great they are, they do have a down side. They are kind of slow.

The SD booster will give your SD card faster speed. All you have to do is install it and away you go. You can also use the SD card as internal memory. When you switch on the device and start using apps, or listening to music, the SD Booster app will give you speeds of up to 40 times faster. You should notice an improvement in speeds with basically everything that you do on the device.

SD Booster

The SD booster app has been around for a while, but it has been upgraded to a new version this year. It’s all pretty much the same thing with some bug fixes and improvements.

We often get asked why should you root your devices. This app is a perfect example. If you don’t want to change your device that is fine, but it’s hard to argue with just making it faster by installing this simple app after rooting it. After all, I am yet to meet a person that chooses a slower device.

But there are lots of different SD cards out there, how do I know this is good for me? The SD booster is fine for all SD cards. There are some basic rules that apply though. The higher the class of the SD card, the better speeds you can expect to receive.

This app doesn’t do superman type moves. Don’t expect to be wowed out of your seat, but it is a great app. When it comes to devices, anything faster is always a good thing.

This app is only available for Android devices that already have existing root access. It’s a free app to download for everybody. You can get your hands on it from the Google Play store – get it now.

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