You need the Samsung OEM USB driver if you want to perform adb debugging on a Windows operating system with the Samsung SM-A137F smartphone.

Always look for the latest Samsung USB driver and you can’t go wrong. But technically there are some other options as well. The universal adb driver is available on GitHub. Developed by Koush, it is an all-in-one driver for most OEMs. It also has 467 forks of the original tool on GitHub.

Moreover, you could potentially install a USB driver that is developed for your smartphone’s processor. The Samsung Galaxy A13 (SM-A137) comes with a MediaTek processor, so you could also install the MediaTek driver on Windows for that.

You always want to try to install the latest version of each of the drivers. But the latest isn’t always necessary. The latest just means you can’t go wrong. So if you ever download drivers that don’t seem to work, try searching for the updated version. We try to keep ours updated.

As for installing them, Once you download the Samsung SM-A137F USB driver to your Windows computer, open File Explorer and you will find it in your Downloads folder (the one exception is if you have changed your default download location). Double-click on the driver’s executable (.exe) file and then follow the setup wizard.