The Samsung USB driver is required before you can develop with adb debugging on the Windows operating system with the Samsung SM-A025U1 smartphone.

The Samsung USB driver is also found in the universal adb driver which means you could install that package instead. Some developers prefer installing nothing but the universal adb driver because they know it likely has installed every driver they ever need. However, I’m not sure if Koush keeps it updated. The universal adb driver is on Github as if Koush’s profile. The universal adb driver currently has 467 forks of the original project.

Some developers also use the USB driver developed for their smartphone’s processor. In this instance for the Samsung SM-A025U1 that means they would install the Qualcomm driver which works for the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Installing any of the drivers (Samsung, adb, and Qualcomm) is as easy as downloading the file on your Windows PC and then opening the Downloads folder in File Explorer and double-clicking on the executable (.exe) file. These are not zip files.