You need the Samsung USB driver installed on the Windows operating system if you want to develop with adb debugging on the PC with the Samsung SC-53B smartphone.

You can download the USB drivers for OEMs from their websites. Here is the latest Samsung USB driver available at the time of writing this post. If that doesn’t seem sufficient, the Samsung website may update it in the future.

Additionally, some developers install the universal adb driver developed by Koush. It has its own GitHub thread so you can see how regularly it is being developed and kept up to date. Koush has been a developer for many years as was the developer of ClockworkMod, a custom recovery image now replaced with the touch-based TWRP which has since taken its place.

Moreover, sometimes you can get away with installing the driver that is developed for your smartphone’s processor. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G comes with a Snapdragon processor so you could install the latest Qualcomm USB driver for it.

Installing the Samsung driver for the Samsung SC-53B smartphone is done by first downloading the file and then opening the Downloads folder in File Explorer where you can double-click on the driver’s executable file. The file doesn’t need any unzipping as it’s a .exe file ready to open as is. From there, simply follow a few on-screen instructions.