What is a USB Driver?

A USB Driver is a device driver required for a device to make a successful connection between it and the host Windows computer. Once the USB driver has aided the two devices to connect, you can then use applications on the computer in conjunction with the mobile device.

How do I Disable the USB Driver?

You can keep the USB Driver installed on the computer. Once you remove it, the computer will go back to the same state it was without the driver before you installed it. You may wish to create a separate device driver folder in File Explorer to prevent the deletion of these drivers, or you may wish to delete it and install a potentially newer version if you aren’t requiring the drivers for months or years in advance. If you do need to install a newer driver version one day, simply delete the old version from the computer and download the newer version.

How do I install the USB Driver?

There are several ways you can get USB drivers on your computer. Often smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung will develop their own PC Suit, like Samsung Kies, that comes with the drivers inside. In these instances, simply install the PC Suit program as you would any other app. Alternatively, if you have just the individual driver file, you can follow the install wizard.

Those who need to install the device drivers manually can do as follows:

1. Download and extract the USB Driver.

2. On the Windows computer, open the Device Manager via Search and then right-click on the computer name and click Add drivers from the context menu.

3. From the Choose a location to search for drivers dialog, choose a folder to browse and then click on the Next button.

4. The Device Manager will now install the .inf file in the extracted driver folder.

Download Samsung Galaxy V USB Driver

Use the links below to download the Samsung Galaxy V USB Driver.



  • You can alternatively try using the Universal ADB Driver developed by Koush, aka Koushik Dutta, the founder of ClockworkMod, though this file may not be as reliable due to it potentially not being updated with the same driver version.
  • The Samsung Driver v1.7.46.0 is compatible with all Samsung smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • The Samsung Driver v1.7.46.0 is compatible with all modern versions of the Windows operating system, including but not limited to Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • The Samsung Driver is developed by Samsung and is a lighter alternative to installing the Samsung PC Suite.