You might remember when we posted the S-pen trailer advertisement which went viral on Reddit and some other website. Since then we’ve kept a close eye on the Note 4 and learnt more about the rest of the Note’s. Many of our readers are asking about what games are available to use with the pen. It’s sometimes hard to find on the Google Play Store because they don’t always have the name in the title that lets people know it works with the pen. Furthermore, most apps don’t come with descriptions for what the game requires apart from the Android version of software.

Galaxy Note 4

Pen Fight

If you enjoy playing games like fruit Ninja by swiping the display with your fingers, you’ll probably enjoy playing the Pen fight game. You are keeping it simple with this game. You can play with 2-player tournaments, change the design of the pens and change the weight. According to the comments of the app found on Google Play, it’s very popular for favorable reviews. You must have your galaxy Note device running Android 2.2 or above for it to work.

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Scribble racer

If you like a challenge that’s like racing cars, you’ll enjoy the Scribble racer game. Instead of having a car you are using the S pen to follow the lines. Furthermore, you’ll get chances to collect things along the trial such as fruit and stars. The application has won awards such as the 3rd prize at Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012. It is consistently ranked as one of the best games out there. No matter what you are interested in, this is one app you should try if you are using the Galaxy Note 4 or under. It requires Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and up.

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Line Rider

Similar to the early entry, the Line Rider game wants you tracing over the line and not just staying within the boundaries of two lines. In definitely harder in my opinion and that could be part of the reason it isn’t as popular. If you like a challenge with following a lin on your galaxy Note running Android 2.0 or above, this game’s for you.
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Sketch ‘Em

If you enjoy drawing pictures and not just following lines, you’ll like playing the Sketch game. The screen comes with lines for you to trace and you’ll end up learning how to draw some amazing things with your own hands. Inside you have a range of unique drawing tools, teaches people how to draw with the creator mode and works best with the S-pen coming from the Samsung Galaxy Note range. It only works for people running Android 4.0.2 and above. In layman’s terms, that’s a few firmware builds into the Ice Cream Sandwich software update.

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Galaxy Note S Pen User guide

If you want to step away from traditional gaming and learn how to use the tool better, you might like to try the user guide. As the name suggests, it will teach you how to use the pen more effectively, shows videos coming from YouTube so you don’t have to read everything, tips for S-Pen memo and gestures. It’s about a video collection compiled for your easy viewing. It requires Android 2.3.3 gingerbread and above.

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The OneNote app made by the Microsoft team out of Redmond and is a quality app that helps with your life. You can keep a digital notebook so you are never late to meetings, always have your shopping ready and take notes for anything you need. It also doubles as a place where you can save audio files and pictures. It’s popular across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, PC and Mac computers.

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There is a new launcher available for people owning the Samsung galaxy Note 10.1, Note 2 and the Note 8.0. It is not available for any other device. That said, if you do own one of the aforementioned smartphones, you can quickly start-up an app when detaching from the S-pen. It’s handy for your other applications and games. You must have your device running Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich or above.

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