When Angry Birds Star Wars was announced last year for the first time it kicked the world into a frenzy. Rovio was predicting big things and as it turns out they were right. Sales went through the roof, shops couldn’t have enough character merchandise and part of its success can be credited to its brilliant marketing scheme that saw the release of 4 or 5 teaser trailers in the build up.

Well, due to popular demand, it’s back for a round two. Not only is the game itself back, but you can expect a whole new range of fluffy toys entering shops also. In fact, as many as 30 new characters have been named for Merch sales; a rather crazy number.

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide!

The new game will tackle the prequels, introducing a wide roster of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters. The best part? You’ll get to play with over 30 of them!

Another first for the series is that you can choose your side! Players can choose to “Join the Pork Side”, and rumor has it that the emperor is recruiting (more on this soon!!)

To make sure one of the most popular apps of all time doesn’t fizzle and begin to get old, they’ve included a new feature. It’s called telepods, and they are little figurines you buy from the store. However, this is not just to look at. After you buy them you can then use them in the game via the app that picks up on them. An ingenious idea that I’m predicting will have mothers all over the globe searching down the isles for the right telepods (emphasis on right).

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