The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 finally got the VPU1BOA6 Android 5.0 Lollipop update. You can update your Galaxy S5 to Android 5.0 Lollipop by simply applying the OTA update, or you can manually apply this update to your Galaxy S5 via Odin software. And if you already had updated your Galaxy S5 to Android 5.0 Lollipop then this tutorial is for you. The following tutorial will tell you a safe and easy method by which you can root your updated Galaxy S5.

The root procedure is a bit complicated but you can do this if you read and apply all the steps carefully. We are using CF-Auto-Root by Chainfire that can easily be applied to Sprint version of Samsung Galaxy S5 running stock version of Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Android 5.0 Lollipop has a tight security you need to work on both mode (recovery mode and download mode) to make this root successful on you Galaxy S5.

Sprint Galaxy S5

Details of Note

  • Other Sprint Galaxy S5 users who already applied this root method to their device didn’t report anything bad about this, so this root method is fully functional and safe that you can apply on your Galaxy S5 easily. You won’t lose your Galaxy S5 until you don’t skip any step or not reading each and every part of this tutorial.
  • You should know that rooting your phone is a custom operation. By rooting you phone you will be giving your pre installed apps root access and you can also install apps those needs root access to perform their task. After rooting your phone you can install custom ROMs, customize your device at pro level, flash kernels and most of it perform your phones performance.
  • Furthermore, please understand that rooting is not recommended by Google or Samsung, so you are going to do an illegal operation to your Sprint Galaxy S5 which may lead to a violation of your phones warranty. And from now on if any thing happens to your device you have to pay for the technical assistance for your phone.
  • This process of rooting your Sprint Galaxy S5 is altering the system internals, so ensure that you already have backup of all your data. You can sync all your contacts to your Google account. Backup all of your important apps using Titanium backup application available on Google Play Store free of cost. Finally backup all of your documents, audio and video files to your phones SD card or any other external device so that if anything wrong happens you will definitely will not lose any of your important data. You can also sync all of your data to any cloud service that will keep your data more safer than anything else.
  • You will need to download Odin software on your PC which is specially made for installing ROM’s and other packages directly to Samsung smartphones. You should also need a custom recovery (TWRP recommended) installed on your device so that you can install zip files on your Sprint Galaxy S5. Make sure installed custom recovery is up to date so that it will support flashing zip files on Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware.

Guidelines before going to steps to root your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • You should have a windows-based PC (mac can’t do this). All the security will be turned off like antivirus or anti malware before performing this operation or they will cause interference between all this process which can lead to a bricked device.
  • Enable USB debugging on you Sprint Galaxy S5 by going to Settings > About Device > tap on build number 7 times rapidly than you will gain developer access on you Galaxy S5. Now go to settings > developer options > enable the USB debugging option.
  • Charge your phone to at least 75% so that you can perform all the steps without losing power on your device as this can also lead to a bricked device.
  • This tutorial is to root Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 with model number VPU1BOA6 only. Do not try to perform this root operation to any other android device, as any other Samsung variant as this can lead to a hard bricked device.

Steps to Root your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0 Lollipop OS

  1. Download Odin 1.85 software on your PC from here. Unzip this zip file to any where on your PC.
  2. Download and install Samsung Kies so that USB drivers for your phone will automatically get installed on your PC.
  3. Download CF auto root package form here and unzip this anywhere on your PC.
  4. Downloaded SuperSU and Knox remover files from here and here.
  5. Reboot your device to download mode py turning off your phone and turn it back on by pressing power key, volume down key and home key together.
  6. Kill any process related to Samsung Kies using task Manager on your PC (important).
  7. Launch Odin on PC.
  8. Connect your device with download mode using USB cable. make sure a message “added” will get displayed Odin.
  9. On Odin click on “PDA” then select the CF auto Root package downloaded earlier.
  10. Noe finally click on start. and wait until a “PASS” message will get displayed on Odin.
  11. Now transfer the SupeSU and Knox remover zip files downloaded earlier to your phones SD card. Remove your phone when transfer is complete.
  12. Now reboot your phone to recovery mode by powering down your phone and power it on by pressing volume up, home and power key together.
  13. Now in recovery mode tap on “Install” and “choose zip from SD card” and select any of the two zip file downloaded earlier then confirm the step.
  14. Flash the other zip file the same way.
  15. After installing both zip file tap on Reboot then system, this will reboot your device normally.

After a full reboot go to App drawer and search for SuperSU application. If it’s there then congratulations! You have successfully applied root on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5. However, if you haven’t found this SuperSU app don’t hesitate to do this whole process again except the Odin one cause that file already been flashed to your phone.

Now enjoy your rooted Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 with which you can do such a great things. One more thing do like and share this tutorial so that many people like you will take advantage of rooting their device. Post any query you have to the comment section below we love to reply you as soon as possible.