Samsung Galaxy devices are at the top of the smartphone market, not just with its design, but with the hardware and the user interface. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a mixture of beautiful design and powerful hardware. And if you want to root your device for any reason, then you should be warned that this device is very costly and you can’t just want the warranty to let go for just rooting your phone. Yeah I know that you can unroot it back, but what about the KNOX counter? If you don’t know about it, just read below.

KNOX counter: If you ever entered your phone to Download Mode, you noticed the counter was at zero and when you do some customization on your phone like rooting or flashing custom firmwares it will count that and Samsung care executive get to know about it and voids your warranty. That is the KNOX counter I’m talking about. That counter counts each unofficial action with your device. But a developer found a way around it, now you can root your phone without tripping KNOX alarm, using this root process the counter will stay at 0 and Samsung will never know about it. For that you have to read this whole article carefully.

Samsung Galaxy S6

You need a PC and the official USB cable and your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone for this process. Enable the USB debugging on your phone before rooting process by going to settings > developer options > check USB debugging check box. Make sure that your phone’s battery should have enough juice to stay on during all this process or  it may brick down your phone.

Warning: Rooting is risky for your phone if you don’t take care during the process. To save all of your important data, make sure you had made a backup of it somewhere so it will stay safe there. Also backup your messages, call logs an MMS if you want them. This process is on all variants of Samsung Galaxy S6, do not apply it on any other device or it may damage it badly.

Steps to root Samsung Galaxy S6 without voiding KNOX

  1. First download PingPong root.apk to your PC from here.
  2. Now connect your phone to your PC and transfer this APK to your phone.
  3. Disconnect your phone from your PC after this transfer.
  4. On your phone enable Unknown resources by going to settings > security > check Unknown resources check box.
  5. After that install this APK on your phone and launch it.
  6. You will see a “Get Root!” button inside that app just press it (gently).
  7. If it asks for some permissions just allow them.
  8. After the process reboot your phone to take effect.

Your phone is now running with root access and to manage permissions you can open a KingUser app from app drawer. To check the root access, you must download any root check app starting from here. And for any query just post it in the comment section below. Once you are sure the root access is working, you might want to learn more about what things to do with a rooted Android.


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