Has it been a while since you have seen an act of kindness? Here is a man who jumped on a train and noticed a lady selling flowers. He asked her how many flowers does she have. She replied the answer to him. He then asked the lady how much is it per flower. She replied to him. He then gave her enough money to buy the whole box and told her to give each person on the train a flower.

The lady was so taken aback by the kind gesture that she started crying. The whole train full of people could overhear the conversation between the man and the woman. You can watch the video in full on the last page. If we were to guess, we’d say this looks like it’s somewhere along the New York subway where you can get a mix of people from wealthy to struggling. The man looks like a typical New York guy and there’s another guy in the background with an “NYPD” shirt on.

Here is the shot of him handing over the money. You can see the flower (all very nice mind you) in the front of the picture. You can also see some people in the background already watching.

Here’s the picture of her reduced to tears. The kind man was dressed in a suit and tie and probably has a decent job. Decent enough to spare money for people who need it more than him. It’s also great to see people working hard for little money get rewarded as she did. You might think it wasn’t that kind of gesture, but it could have been hours of her standing there and she still might not have sold half of that box full of flowers.

Not everyone was crying tears of joy. You can see these random bystanders thought it was amusing what had just happened. They were not laughing at her crying, just at what had happened and knowing that she was crying because she was happy and not sad.

Here is the video of it how it happened. Let us know in the comments what you think. have you seen anybody do something of this kind? If you ever get the chance to do something nice for someone else try to remember this guy in the back of your mind.