There’s definitely no shortage of Tower Defense games for mobiles mainly because they just work so well for the devices at this point in time. Many have different views on what is the best or makes the best list. One thing is for sure though, Radiant Defense is right up there with the best of them.

Radiant Defense comes from the makers of Radiant HD. The Radiant range is all fairly similar, but this one has a different feel to it and allows you to do more, like the place you own modules where you want them and change the ways the enemies will trail down. It gives humor in a genre where you wouldn’t normally find it, as well as presents colorful enemies.

Another thing that separates Radiant Defense apart from the competition is that in between games you can take a break to build up your own defense and put them where you want them for strategy. This certain new aspect has been brought in because of the added difficulty in the game which gamers should also find enjoyable. Without the chance to build your own defense in a break it would be near impossible, but with the break, it almost changes the genre into something we have seen before, and it’s a great implementation.

Right now AppBrain has this Tower Defense game going for free so if you’re into this kind of thing you should definitely give it a try! Download it from this direct link.