If you are a music lover that likes listening to tunes on your iPhone then this next Cydia tweak will be right up your ally. It’s called, Pluck and it lets you “pluck” songs from your music library and add them to your lock screen for easy access. Not only can you pick a song to listen to on the go right from the lock screen, but you can also toggle through all of your music and look for the select choices you really want.


Official log from the developer:

Don’t you just hate it when you have to unlock your iPhone whenever you want to select a song to play?iOS has given us Lock-screen iPod controls but not the ability to pick a song from the lock-screen.That’s why I created ‘Pluck’. It’s a simple jailbreak tweak that adds a button in the media controls view. When you tap it, it will release the iPod window right there to quickly pick a song. After picking a song, it will instantly start playing. Awesome, isn’t it?


If you are thinking to yourself what makes this different to any number of other tweaks that are known to do a similar thing? You would be correct in thinking there are other tweaks that are basically the same. That said, the Pluck tweak is a beauty that offers some originality as well as being available for free. I can’t say I’m aware of any other tweak that lets you get music from the lock screen free of charge.

Pluck is easy to set up for anyone familiar with the standard settings app on the iPhone. From inside the settings app, Pluck will appear once installed giving you all of the options available to take a look at. Simply select the right customized options that meet your needs for the jailbreak tweak. Because it’s located inside the settings app, after you have downloaded Pluck there will not be any extra icons that appear on the iPhone’s home screen or anything like that.

Pluck is a free Cydia tweak and is available from the Cydia store free of charge.

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