If you are a Windows user and a gamer, you might be loyal to the Microsoft brand and own an Xbox console and not a Sony PlayStation. The reason being is that Microsoft makes and own Xbox consoles.

Those of you who are living in the middle class, or at least have parents or guardians around the middle class, might be lucky enough to have an Xbox One console in the family home. Others who aren’t as fortunate, or simply haven’t decided to lay down the money in the console gaming department, might be interested in learning how to play Xbox One games on Windows 10.


  • You should have updated to Windows 10 following one of our guides already. See: How to download and install Windows 10 Free on PC


  • Have the Xbox One and the Windows 10 OS connected to a working internet connection. It works for both wired and wireless internet connections.
  • You must have the Xbox One and the Windows 10 OS up to date. Log into your Xbox One account and check for any updates waiting.


1. Connect the Xbox One controller to the computer USB port where you are running Windows 10.

2. Wait for Windows to automatically install the drivers for the control.

3. Launch the Xbox application on Windows 10.

4. Log into your Xbox LIVE account. You’ll need to create one if you don’t have one already.

5. Look to the left side and click the Connect option.

6. Choose to add your console from the list of available devices to connect.

7. Click the Test Streaming option.

8. Microsoft will now go through a speed test to make sure your internet speed is high enough.

9. Now click Stream, and it will connect your Xbox One to the computer, and you are ready to play games.

Now you can use the computer monitor as if it’s your television. You must continue using the Xbox controller to play the games and navigate through the dashboard. The keyboard and mouse combination for the computer will not work.