I think no matter who you are or where you are in the world, we’ve all had some embarrassing moments. Luckily for most of us, however, our moments were not caught on camera, and better yet, are not available on the internet for the entire world to see. Some people weren’t so lucky. The people range from celebrities who choose to be in front of a camera during their embarrassing moments, to everyday people.

Let’s kick things off with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. As she was performing on stage, she had a little mishap that we don’t think she was aware of. I guess that’s understandable, when you are performing on stage you probably wouldn’t feel much with the music so loud and your whole body perspiring.

The second photo is just a random few people. The girl at the front of the picture has her hands in a very unfortunate area. We are sure she doesn’t mean to be pulling that face while grabbing at her friend’s brother’s shorts. It just kind of turned out that way. Not impressed? Don’t worry, we have much better pictures after the jump.

If the last picture didn’t tickle your fancy, you might prefer this picture. As you can see, the night started with three friends enjoying a night out. We have all heard of the term not photogenic, but have you seen three people all at once looking worse than this?

This picture is funny because we have a funny feeling they usually don’t look this bad. Still, you’d hate for one of those women to be you wouldn’t you? The picture has gone viral and can be found all over the web if you look hard enough. Now for the next picture.

Here in the office, we have mixed feelings about who this singer is. I believe it’s Lilly Allen; however, my colleagues think it can’t be because the stage and surrounding areas look like too small a venue to be hosting such a big name. Whoever it is, they have a fan with a hand heading directing toward the wrong area.

If you are a fan and are thinking about trying to pull something like this off, don’t. You can check out some recent TMZ clips of people who thought it would be a good idea to reach out and grab a performance whilst they are on stage. None of those situations ended well at all.

Have you been to a few weddings in your time? I’d been to at least five and I can say that none of them was anything like this. Could you imagine any of the brides letting their relatives or friends walk all over their dresses like this? I don’t think so. Suffice it to say that’s one lucky maid of honor and an embarrassing picture for the bride.

We hope they both enjoyed the rest of the night anyway. Oh, and we hope that it wasn’t a rental dress. It’s probably best if they were planning on throwing it away. I don’t like the chances of that being the truth, though.

What’s the one thing you never expect to see when you are standing in a line with the groomsmen? I would have to guess that the two of them don’t start making out with each other. Firstly, that’s usually rare since the groomsmen are mostly made up of brothers, cousins, and friends. Usually, they are close friends. Maybe these two do a little more than drink a few beers on a Saturday night.

Most of us never have a second thought about our mothers in any way apart from cooking us dinner, cleaning our clothes, yelling at us, and telling us how much we can rest, play, eat, drink, watch TV and play games.

Then there’s the occasional person who does think a little bit more of a mother. There’s often a fine line between what you can look at and think about, but when it comes to touching or holding, that line is more obvious. There’s a line that he is crossing here.

Well, now we know that ladies like this are great for getting a better view of things up ahead. That’s what this little kid thinks anyway. Unfortunately for him, the views won’t last for much longer because he’s about to become far too heavy to give that a try.

Weddings can be a long day. The days traditionally start very in a very formal manner. Everyone is not drunk — although the grooms probably sink a few, and everyone is very well presented. Then, after the big day ends and the festivities kick into gear, some people start letting their hair down.

Here is a picture concerning that part of the night. While the bride is having fun with a drink in her hand, one of the kids couldn’t help but sneak a peak underneath her dress. I hate to think what he will be like in twenty years if that’s what he is like now.

These cases actually do happen in life. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it myself apart from in the movies. I guess it’s a girl thing? Anyway, as you can see in the picture below unless you haven’t spotted it already, there is a girl who had been to the bathroom recently and has now walked out with some toilet paper hanging out from beneath her dress.

Instead of telling her about it, one of her friends or a family member has decided it would be best if we take a photo of the occasion instead.

This poor lady has managed to get her head caught in a bus. And to top it off, she’s pulling one of those faces only a foreigner could understand. We can interrupt it as “oh no, get me out of this door”. Kind of a face. Probably be slightly frightening if you were there and wondering if she was OK. However, from this angle, it’s nothing short of extremely funny.

And to top it all off, we have a view from a further away angle just so you can see what she looks like in perspective with the bus a bit better. It also helps not to be able to see the pain on her face so we can just focus on the funny part: a head caught in a bus door. At least the soft edges should make it slightly more conformable for her.

If you need to laugh one more time, have a quick think about what it would’ve looked like before she got herself into that position. Just how does one get a head caught in a door? Not sure, but she would’ve looked incredibly funny as it was happening.