This one might be a bit hard to understand for some — If you’re an everyday iOS user, you probably really look forward to getting your updates. After all, its making your devices better. One thing you might not like is the waiting time so you may put it off for how ever long. But this No Update Cydia tweak isn’t just for putting it on hold because you don’t want to deal with it, it’s also very handy for Jailbreakers.

Jailbreakers want the freedom to be able to modify their devices when they want to, not when Apple wants them. For jailbreak devices the release of Apple updates can be very frustrating, that why the No Update is so valuable.


Recently things got worse for people who like to Jailbreak. With the release of the new Apple update on iOS 5 users could now update their devices by simple wi-fi techniques instead of having to hook it up over the computer. As you can imagine this led to loads of people accidentally updating their devices  and in turn not being able to Jailbreak anymore.

Whatever your past problem, it no longer matters with this jailbreak tweak. You can pick it up from the ModMyi Repo and it’s free of charge.

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