This is one of my favorite rooted apps to come out of the year 2013. Basically, the CPU is the heart of the smart phone. Computers also have CPU’s. Think of a smart phone as a minicomputer and the CPU as the heart of it all. CPU stands for central processing unit, and as the name suggests, it is where all things are processed. These devices also have minds and veins running in the CPU much like a human body, only with different names.

What the No frills CPU control allows you to do is set the speeds — both maximum and minimum speeds — of the CPU. You can choose as high as 1.4 GHZ or as low as 200 MHZ. The higher you set the speeds the fast your device will work. That is in everything, whether it be browsing, or whatever you are doing. It comes at a cost though. The higher you set the speeds the more it makes your device work. Make your device work harder and you can expect consequences like the battery draining faster.

No frills CPU Control

Don’t let that scare you away, however, because the app is so simple to use. You just open the app and select the digits from the list, click apply and you’re done. It literally takes 5 seconds to change from one to the other. So, if you are at home, battery is not important right now because you can just get up and charge it, but you want fast speeds, then just change the clocked speeds.

It also has the benefits of the other end of the spectrum. Say you have the device set on the normal speeds that it came out of the factory, but you really need to extend that battery life urgently, then you can do that by setting the speeds to a lower number. It’s an app that gives you the best of both worlds. Well, all three worlds if you include the joys of just noticing the differences you are making.

The No-Frills CPU app is a free download from the Google Play store here. This app is only for devices that have root access already.

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