The developer who goes by the name, Hexage, is a man who gets a lot of respect in the Android mobile gaming community and rightfully so. With past works like Radiant and EVAC — both of which we covered here — it’s no wonder why either. He has a unique vision of what a mobile game should be, and it is hitting the sweet spot for many.

Rather than focusing on outstanding visuals, he puts more of the emphasis on sitting back a bit and letting the game play do the talking, and this new RPG game called ‘Reaper’ is a good example of that. Things don’t move too fast, things aren’t too complex and the game doesn’t leave you feeling so claustrophobic you want to throw your phone away. These are some of the things I immediately notice when playing.

Reaper Hexage

The game is intelligently named Reaper, which does give off enough intrigue without overdoing any of the scary side which you might think would come along with it. That is what you want to happen because now there’s no issue with a woman picking this game up. And it even blends in some comedy in the punchline “A pale Swordsman”. If that flew over your head come back to it later.

You can check out everything this new Reaper game has to offer in the demo clip above. If you decide you want to install it on your device you can do so free of charge. You can download and install this RPG game from the Google Play Store.

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