You probably already know that meth addicts are everywhere these days. The governments and most people don’t understand why, but I think I have a pretty good idea. Drugs are popular with the youth of today because there are heaps of different kinds of drugs out there and some of them are weak enough that older people wouldn’t even know if you were on drugs. But it seems the drug deals have decided to stop making the cheaper, more ineffective drugs so that people only buy the more expensive drugs instead. That way the dealer makes way more money and they get the people addicted, so they keep coming back and buying more.

Here’s a picture of a young lady who looks like the typical girl next door. He’s cute and looks healthy. Now take a look at how much her face changes after trying the drugs.

The next picture is of Cynthia, age 29, and you can see from the top left that she went from average teenage girl with perfect skin to someone who by the bottom of the pictures has red dots all over her face. You can see her age. It’s eight years from the start position to the last picture. The last pictures have a shorter time span which is more typical of ice.

The next picture is of Edward, 41, from the United States. He has a huge different in pictures. The first one shows him looking like a normal and the second he has what looks like scars all over his face. He looks like one of the roughest bit, in fact, his rap-sheet is one of the shortest on the list. Wait until you see some of the others.

The next picture is of Carrie 31, and she starts getting arrested at age 29. By age 31 she looks terrible. That’s a much shorter time span than the above. The saddest part is seeing what looks like an ordinary girl, not a bad girl, getting into the drugs and failing to kick the habit. Their lives are spiraling down, and they can’t do anything to stop it. Ordinary people like you and me ask why did they start it?

The common theme with all the pictures is that they age a lot and they get red dots from scratching at their faces. However, this one also shows rapid weight loss from drug use.

The next picture is of Michael 54. As you can see you don’t have to be young to start making bad decisions. Below you can see that Michael has been arrested at least six times for his rap-sheet. He goes from an ordinary looking father to a guy you can barely stand to look at. If you were to try to create a monster costume, you’d be hard-pressed to create a better-looking one that what you see below.

Leslie, aged 33, could be one of the prettiest girls out of the pictures but you can see how much the Ice takes its toll on the face and person. They say that it’s mainly an appearance thing and the feeling of the high isn’t that great.

The next picture is of Chelsea who is 24 years old. She, unfortunately, started very young and was taken in for grand theft auto. You might notice something they all have in common: they are all repeat offenders. Drugs are a nasty habit, and the hard ones are often expensive. That’s the case here with meth. It’s not that it makes the people into monsters, it’s just that because of the addiction they need to get money somehow to pay for the expensive habit,

The next picture is of Wayne who is 33 when he first gets arrested. He looks somewhat friendly in the first picture, but by the last picture, he’s someone you’d probably chose to stay well away from or else you’d be scared of him hurting you.