It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft was considering doing away with the much beloved Microsoft paint app altogether. However, thanks to user feedback, Microsoft has decided to keep Paint living on, at least for now.

We certainly hope Paint continues to stay in Windows 10 for a while yet because there are some things that the default Photos app does not allow you to do easily. Editing in the new app—making transparent image backgrounds, or cropping, et cetera—is not easily done, and we continue to go back to Microsoft Paint for any editing that needs doing.

Since Microsoft has decided to keep MS Paint a while longer, they’ve also added some new features to the app in the upcoming Windows 10 version 1903 update. The most notable feature is the keyboard as a primary input mechanism. Most of you will be familiar with using MS paint with a mouse and multi-touch tablet input, but up until now, you haven’t been able to draw with the keyboard itself. Starting with build 1903, you can get all tasks done directly from the keyboard. Being able to do that should help with adding one more layer of security to your life if nothing else. At least you’ll know that you can use the keyboard should your Bluetooth have issues or your mouse runs out of batteries, so forth.

Source: New Microsoft Paint Accessibility Features – Windows Insider