Television, the biggest source of Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News and everything. People like to watch TV get updated with the latest news, market status, etc. Sometimes, we see ads on TV for upcoming movies, serials, etc. But, it becomes tough to remember the time of the show and the channel name. And if we have planned to see plenty of programs on the TV, then we confuse between show times. So, Burrp TV has a good service for you. Burrp TV provides you full schedule for almost any channel. You can see the timing of movies, etc. And the most interesting thing is that you can subscribe for show reminders. With Show reminders, you will receive a message when your favorite show is going to come on the TV. This service is provided free of cost by Burrp TV.

You can use your Facebook account to login to Burrp TV site. After logging in, verify your mobile number. Then go to your favorite show page and click “Set SMS Reminder.” You can select when do you want to get show alert.

Burrp TV

This service is useful for me and maybe for you, too.

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