Whether you are using a desktop PC or a Laptop, it must be having at least one physical DVD drive. You use it to see the contents of your CD and DVD on your device. Virtual drives are the ones which work same as the physical drives but in a virtual way.

For example, if you have an ISO image file of any CD or DVD, then you can mount it in these virtual drives, and they act as a physical drive. Some games do require to be installed only on the drives, at that time these virtual drives come handy. It is very easy to use these virtual drives as it needs simple configuration and you can accomplish it easily by reading the below guide.

To install a virtual drive on your PC, you will need a utility which can do so. There are so many utilities available on the Internet, many of them are free, which provides you an user-friendly interface to install a virtual drive and get started with it. A simple program to do so is the TotalMounter.

TotalMounter is a freeware utility to install the virtual CD or DVD drives on your Windows PC. All you need to have is to download the utility using the link given below and see the magic of it. Once you download the file, just double-click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. It will take some time to install, as it will install the drivers for the virtual drive so that Windows can recognize the drive as the physical one. After installing the program, launch it from the start menu.

When you launch then program, you will see some options on the main screen, which will help you to mount the drive. To mount a DVD drive, just click on the Mount followed by Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, and you will then be asked to choose the image file on your PC which you want to mount the virtual drive, browse to the image file and the hit the Open button. The image will then be mounted, and you will be able to explore its content just like any physical drive. The virtual drive will appear in My Computer beside the physical drive.

Download: TotalMounter for Windows

TotalMounter is compatible with Windows 7 and also works on Windows XP and Vista, too. You will need to restart your PC after installing the TotalMounter, to let it work without any problem.

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