Here we have a collection of the most embarrassing and hilariously funny news bloopers of 2015. Let’s kick things off with one of the milder bits of comedy we have on the list. Here is a live broadcast of a woman reporter on a boat and we know how much women usually don’t mix very well with fish. We cannot see what’s happening off the camera but we know something appears to grab and/or touch her legs down below. We are assuming that’s going to be a fish and not a shark… Hopefully.

During this live report, some sporting fans thought it would be funny to carry around a (working) female toy and try to insert it in the man’s ear. Not all that funny until you realize this was live on air and during a family time slot. This would have been hilarious happening in life if you managed to see it on television.

In her defense, that fire extinguisher does look like it’s packing more punch than the average fire extinguisher. Still, I’m not sure they are supposed to have this effect where she literally takes off under the pressure. Let’s hope she’s OK and didn’t end up in Mexico.

This next reporter is obviously far too boring to be taking up the time on TV that he is. Or at least that’s what the man behind him seems to be thinking. I wonder what the producer is thinking since it’s probably the producer who decided what this man would be doing and not the reporter himself. Luckily he is wearing a pink shirt which is anything but boring.

Oops! And she’s in the drink. We can only assume that by the looks of what these two are wearing that it’s not exactly warm outside either. That water would be freezing. Not very funny if you were her at the time, but hilarious if you are watching from someplace warm. I wish we had more footage to show you after this happened.

This next clip is really funny and even more funny if you manage to find the full clip online because this is only a part of it. The main part that makes this funnier is the guy’s reaction at the end which we only get a glimpse of in this. Anyway, the guy found this to be hilariously funny and turned this into the perfect comedy skit. As for the woman involved, well, she might not still understand exactly what the joke was. She obviously doesn’t perform this action very often.

What’s in the world? Is that a cat? This man looks to be taking a sick day and broadcasting the weather from his home and not his office. Either that or someone from the office needed to take their pet to work for the day. We like the first example the best because it’s funnier. No matter what way you look at it, it’s funny to see a cat live in the weather.

The good old double fend-off maneuver was performed here to perfection by the reporter. For some reason, two girls tried to kiss this man on the cheek during a broadcast. The supremely talented news anchor has managed to hold them both at bay at once and continue reading the report. Promote this man!

OK, so during our time here in the top ten news bloopers of 2015, we’ve worked out that woman and water don’t exactly mix. Here is probably the best one of the bunch with this news anchor folding up a fish. In her defense, holding a fish is a really difficult job and especially when you are dealing with a fish of this size. As someone who has fished quite a bit myself, I don’t know what this man was thinking giving her a fish of this size to hold. That was never going to end well. Anyway, not only did it not end well, but it ended in probably the funniest way possible with them both taking a tumble.

He’s managed to dack the news anchor on live TV. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to pull news-reported pants down live on air, probably more so due to a belt than anything else. With that being said, this man has done it and done it to perfection. We think this guy might put that belt on one extra notch next time so it doesn’t happen again. Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes this did go live on air.

Wait for it, wait for it, there it is. And that’s what we call a faceplant. This poor woman has managed to face plant life on air for the world to see. You can tell the news reporter knows something is up because she starts to smile during the report, but managed to continue reading the broadcast. We assume the people behind the camera noticed everything and started laughing. And no doubt this woman wishes she could turn her head.

This next picture could be called “and when you cross to the next reporter at the wrong time”. It would appear as though this report camera to begin with wasn’t expecting the camera to come her way any time soon. As the story goes, she was adjusting her microphone. I have no idea what a microphone is doing down there but we’ll believe her.