It looks like Derek Jeter is probably thinking “hey, that’s about $250 per squeeze.” It’s okay, though — that is A-Rod behind him which means the price will be drastically reduced.

They do take wrestling to a whole other level over in the United States. Wrestling is a sport where people genuinely try to win as a pose to the wrestling the rest of the world knows where it’s acting in front of the camera. Given that, you can expect to find yourself in some awkward situations that you wish you could get out of a lot faster than in reality you probably will be. Kind of like this guy who has found his least favorite area of the body dripping sweat into his head. It’s so close he could probably smell it perspiring — maybe even breathe.

Soccer is usually one of the most friendly sports out there when we are talking about what takes place on the field and not necessarily in the stands. Out of all the leagues in the world that are famous for being competitive, the German Bundesliga would probably be the one league that was going to give you the most contact. Franck Ribery here can tell you about at least a few moments where he had some additional unwelcome contact.

As a New York Yankees fan, anything that allows me to poke fun at the Boston Redsox is usually a chance I find too tempting to pass up. That’s the main reason why I choose to include this picture of the Redsox players getting more than a handful full of baseballs.

Similarly to the picture mentioned above with the Redsox, Sam Cassel is a player I know very well thanks to being a Houston Rockets fan and having the Championship season still on VHS tape. I can remember watching that tape over and over more because it was the same year everyone was looking at Michael Jordan. One thing I honestly do not remember, though, is Sam ever playing for the Celtics.

They do breed them a little differently when it comes to golf. For starters, the trophies they collect often resemble cutlery more so than any trophy I usually see in other sports. You also need to be careful what shape your trophy has when you kiss it after a win if your photo is going to be taken by cameras.

The protection Quarterbacks get these days is going a little bit too far at times with roughing the passer being one of those calls. We assume roughing the passer exists because the Quarterbacks don’t like it rough. Maybe we were wrong.

A game of golf can be a very trying time for people as seen here in this picture. If the camera was never to pan out and show the shots just missing by millimeters, you could easily start to wonder just what has happened to this person taking the shots. For example, is everybody sure this guy is doing okay or should we call him a medic?

Basketball is the main sport I grew up playing, and I still hold close ties to the sport to this day having played with people who are now playing professionally, as well as rooting for my NBA team. My liking to the game now is a little less than it was before I knew it as well as I am aware of it now because it’s set up as a game that at least one of the top two teams will most definitely win, and knowing who those two teams are is usually pretty easy to see. That doesn’t give many great reasons as to why bothering to watch it anymore as life gets busier as we get older. Nevertheless, the sport of shooting hoops can be fun to watch because it is a contact sport where sweaty men run around and at times use great force to make sure opponents do not win. There are also times when your teammates get unusually close during the heat of the moment.

The umpires during football games were the most traditional attire as anyone could imagine. Perhaps it’s because the players have to wear helmets and what they see through the helmet doesn’t always show up as easy in comparison to that of a basketball or baseball player, but the traditional black and white uniforms have never been so predominately shown. Unfortunately for this Arizona Cardinals player, this umpire also feels like he needs to get closer to the playing action than most.

This article was once published for Taboola Ads in 2013. All images have since been removed.