The vision:

With the announcements Microsoft recently made in the mixed reality and cloud space, we want to invite you—an amazing, unprecedented community of mixed reality developers—to come work alongside us, meet Microsoft developers and program managers who brought these devices and services to life, and learn about our developer roadmap.

At Mixed Reality Dev Days, you’ll build the skills, network, and ideas you need to take your mixed reality applications to the next level. Mixed Reality Dev Days will offer a chance to:

  • Code alongside our engineering teams.
  • Learn and test the latest in our portfolio: HoloLens 2, new Azure mixed reality services, Azure Kinect Developer Kit, and more!
  • Connect with developers like you who are leading a new era of mixed reality applications.
    Dev Days is designed for you—your ideas, your feedback. We would love to get your input, learn more about you, your customers and work, and how we can better work alongside you. As we move into this third wave of computing, one based on open principles, Microsoft is a trusted partner who values your feedback. Dev Days is one of the first of many opportunities to build that relationship with you.


May 2nd and 3rd, 2019

Which one should I attend? Microsoft Build or MR Dev Days?

If you are an Mixed Reality developer looking to get training on our developer platform, tools, services and devices, we would encourage you to join us at the Dev Days. While some elements may be repeated at Build, content there will be mostly catering to our commercial partners, business decision makers and CxO’s.


Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, exact location details to come


There will be a ticket cost; we are still working on what the final price will be. Stay tuned for updates.

How to request an invite:

Currently we are asking everyone to sign up for our developer program. When we have the invite process in place, we will send an email to all members of the dev program to request an invite. Once you request an invite, we will send you a form to complete – it’s a chance for you to share a little more about you and your mixed reality work: what cool projects you’ve made, what you’d like to make, where you’re active, and what communities you’re a part of.

Who should request an invite?

Short answer: you! We’re passionate about welcoming a diverse developer community to Mixed Reality Dev Days. We’re also ensuring this event brings together developers from our large customers and partners, large studios, small studios, and individual developers.

Source: Mixed Reality Dev Days – Mixed Reality | Microsoft Docs