If you needed a reminder of what a model’s life is like then look no further. We constantly see and hear about stories where they smoke instead of eating because it suppresses their appetites, but we don’t often get to see the human side of a model and how they must have kids just like everyone else. This beautiful model from Los Angeles, California, is 9 months pregnant and we are about to show you through her pregnancy and out the other side.

As far as bodies go, most women spend at least 3 to 6 months after giving birth trying to lose the weight they put on during pregnancy. However, some mothers out there manage to do it in just a matter of days. Meet Sarah who looks just as amazing 1 week after giving birth as she ever did before falling pregnant. Just how can that be so you ask? take a look for yourself by clicking the next button.

Close your eyes young men! Here is a picture of her looking pretty and pregnant holding what is presumably her child’s new toy and not hers. Although she doesn’t appear heavily pregnant, it’s just the photo angle. She is not far away from giving birth in this picture and is further along than the one above in the purple dress.

These pictures are from Sarah’s camera to show that she did eat while pregnant — which is often known as the time when you should be eating for two. However, it is hard to imagine that meal going in her isn’t it? Sarah isn’t the uber-thin type of model, and there’s no reason why she can’t exercise even though she’s pregnant. Furthermore, it’s normal to eat more while you are pregnant because you are eating for two.

Here is the first picture of her available after giving birth to her wonderful new child. You can see she’s already got the kid’s room set up with a massive giraffe and a very large baby bed. What’s the average wage for a model these days? The newborn’s name is James Hunter. If you hadn’t guessed already, he is a boy.

No, this is not a double print of the earlier selfie photo. This is a new photo exactly one week after giving birth. You might remember watching celebs on TV saying they can’t wait to work out and try getting their body back to how it was before they were pregnant. It’s very normal to put on lots of weight during pregnancy. However, as you can see here, that’s not the case for Sarah.

This ordeal of taking photos of herself during the pregnancy has led Sarah to gain 1.7 million followers on social media and is causing quite a stir online to everyone who sees it. Many people are saying that she should be fatter while pregnant and they feel sorry for the baby boy. Others are jealous of her body and some find her achievements inspiring and hope that maybe one day they can do the same.

Here is Sarah going right back into her day job which is positive for some people, and annoying for others. Sarah is showing here that you can keep working as a model after becoming a mother which many budding models wouldn’t think was possible. It’s a great message for them that you can have a family and modeling doesn’t have to be the end of your career in front of the camera.

If anything Sarah arguably looks more beautiful after giving birth don’t you think? From what we can tell, the baby looks to be perfectly healthy and although she kept her amazing body, she still did manage to feed the baby enough. What do you think? Should she be larger than this for the baby’s sake or is it OK to remain this thin during pregnancy? It would be interesting to see what the doctors say.