In order to make an iOS carrier logo without a jailbreak, you will need a Mac computer. It will not work using a Windows PC. The carrier logo is only available for creation on either an iPhone or iPad.

A popular jailbreak tweak by the name of Zeppelin released a while back, which lets users change the carrier logo on their devices. However, this was for jailbroken devices only. Now users can enjoy the same goodness without the need of a jailbreak at all. Follow the guide after the jump to find out how by using a neat little app called custom carrier logo.

How to create iOS carrier logo without the need of a jailbreak:

1. Download the custom carrier logo. Once downloaded open it up and select let’s get it started.

2. Next, you will need to find out your IOS device carrier number. Go to Settings > General > About to find it.

3. Once you have the carrier number, enter it inside the custom carrier logo app running on your PC.

4. Before proceeding, it’s a good idea to double-check the correct carrier is the one selected for your device inside the app. Go to carrier information page in the app to check it. When it all is, correct continue to step 5.

5. Now it’s time to choose which image you would like displayed as the carrier logo. Once you have decided which one you would like to have, simply drag it over to the available square box. You can either create your own logo, or grab some pre-made ones from the ‘carriereditor’ file inside.

6. The custom carrier logo app will now save the images to your computer.

7. Open up iTunes – making sure your device is connected – head to the summary page. While holding down the Shift key, click Restore iPhone/iPad Carrier Configuration. It will make a new box appear. In the new box you have to select the ipcc file which was saved on your PC. (Make sure you are not choosing the original file which also automatically gets saved along with the one you created.)

8. The custom carrier logo you selected will now appear on your device.

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