This webpage hosts the official download link for the Lenovo P2 P2a42 stock ROM (firmware) flash file that you can install manually by using the appropriate flashing tool.

You might see both terms “stock ROM” and “firmware” around the Web and wonder what the difference is. They are both referring to the same thing: the software that you would see running on your device.

All Android devices always get software updates rolling out automatically where you can just tap the button to accept the installation and then update to a newer version of Android. These stock ROMs are no different to those updates; the only difference is the way you go about installing them. There are also some upsides to flashing the stock ROMs manually as a pose to just accepting OTA updates, like being able to downgrade to older versions of Android that you might have preferred, or just flashing a new ROM when you feel like it to fix bugs and problems that you were experiencing, for example. If it weren’t for the chance to flash the firmware files manually, you would have no choice but to use a buggy device until the next official update rolls out over the air which could be months away from when your problem starts.

There are some things you should take into account before just going ahead and flashing a new ROM manually though, especially if you have customized it with custom recovery images and root access. The developers of custom recovery images and rooting tools do not support official software updates once you’ve carried either of those two things out because it can create problems, due to the changing of the system partition. Just the installation of a custom recovery image in itself would not change the system partition, but root access can, depending on the version of Android that you rooted, and the stock recovery can change over time, which makes custom recovery developers warn from going back to stock ROMs. Anything that changes the system partition—installing BusyBox, removing stock applications that were hidden in the system partition, etc.—can create unexpected behavior when going back to stock, and so can going back to a stock recovery after running the Lenovo P2 P2a42 device with a custom recovery image. Instead what is advised is to update to newer versions of Android via custom software instead. For more information on what makes system partition changes, use a search engine such as Google.

Download Lenovo P2 P2a42 Stock Firmware Flash File

How to Flash Stock ROM Using Smartphone Flash Tool

1. Get started by installing the Android USB driver on the computer. (You can skip this step if the computer already has it installed.)

2. Download the stock ROM (firmware) flash file on your computer and then extract the file by right-clicking on it and then choosing the option to extract.

3. Download the Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) and extract it on the computer as well, much the same way as you did with the firmware file.

4. Open the SP Flash Tool folder and then double-click on the SP Flash Tool application.

5. Make sure that the “Download” tab is selected from the flash tool’s interface.

6. Click on the “Scatter-loading file” button and then browse through to where your firmware file is being stored on the computer.

7. Once you’ve uploaded the firmware file to the flash tool, click on the “Download” button.

8. The flashing process is now reading to begin.

9. Turn off the smartphone and then connect it to the computer, while still powered down, by using the USB cable.

10. Press one of the Volume buttons just to make sure that your device is being detected by the computer.

11. The flashing of the firmware will then begin automatically. You know it’s finished when you see a big green tick on the display.

You can also view our more detailed guide on how to flash a stock ROM with the SP Flash Tool that comes with screenshots if you prefer.

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