Google is a #1 website in the world. With products ranging from AdWords to AdSense, it has become a big platform for almost all the businesses worldwide. It provides services for Schools, Business, Internet Marketers, etc. To keep in touch with users, Google has its official accounts on the most popular social sites. Google has listed all those accounts on the Everything Google page. Sometimes, some users create fake accounts with company names and provide false news. Therefore, Google has listed all its verified accounts which users can use to get in touch with various Google products news. Here are some most popular Google Products Official Accounts.


Google Official Blogs:

You can get the full list of all the Google Official blogs from here.



Google Official Twitter Accounts:

You can get the full list of Google official Twitter accounts from here.


You can use these accounts to keep in touch with Google products news. This way, you will always get fresh news from the Google team whenever they launch something or update something.


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