Here is what you need to download the official Intex Aqua R2 stock ROM (firmware) flash file onto your computer so you can then flash it with the appropriate flashing tool that works with either your manufacturer or hardware’s SoC (system on chip) in mind.

Flashing a Intex Aqua R2 firmware file was once reserved for the manufacturer’s repair centers to help solve common mobile device problems such as bootloops, software errors, update errors, general software bugs, or devices that seemingly have ceased to work.

These days though most flashing tools have become available online so people like Intex Aqua R2 smartphone owners can flash the stock ROM themselves and save a trip into the service centers.

You can usually flash stock firmware for the Intex Aqua R2 by either using a flashing tool that’s made to work for the device’s system chip or for the manufacturer of the smartphone itself.

Download Intex Aqua R2 Stock ROM (Firmware)

File Name: Intex_Aqua_R2_V06_India_SER

Firmware FileDownload flash file

File Name: Intex_Aqua_R2_V07_20150209

Firmware FileDownload flash file

How to Flash Intex Aqua R2 Stock ROM Using Multi IEdownload Tool

1. Download the RDA USB driver and install it on your computer. (You don’t need to install the RDA driver again if it’s on your computer already.)

2. Download the Multi IEdownload Tool and extract the file by right-clicking on it and then choosing to extract it from the menu.

3. Download the Intex Aqua R2 stock firmware onto your computer and then extract the file by right-clicking on it and choosing the option to extract it from the menu.

4. From within the extracted folder, double-click on the Multi IEdownload Tool application so it opens up on the computer, and you can see its interface.

5. Click on the “Browse” button from the top of the  Multi IEdownload Tool interface and then browse the computer for the RDA bin file that you are looking to flash.

6. With the Android mobile device turned off, connect it to the computer with its USB cable.

7. Click on the “Start All” button, and the flashing of the firmware begins.

8. Firmware flashing can take up to 15 minutes. During that time you might find your device rebooting. Don’t disconnect your device until you get the pass message from the Multi IEdownload Tool’s interface.

For a more detailed guide with screenshots, you can check out how to flash RDA Bin File Using Multi IEdownload Tool.

Important Notes

[*] Back Up Your Data: You should always back up your data before you begin flashing new firmware files to your smartphone or tablet. All of your pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. should be still on your device after you have updated the firmware, but you may need to restore the contacts and applications from a backup. 

[*] Wipe Cache and Factory Reset: Some people claim that taking a factory reset isn’t necessary after updates, but at the very least you should wipe the system cache after installing new firmware. This way you can help eliminate any performance issues and battery draining bugs. Taking a factory reset is the best way of avoiding common problems many users face after applying software updates. 

Additional Firmware

You can download Android ROMs for other Android devices if you have another smartphone or tablet from a different manufacturer.