If you are a Sony fan the Sony Xperia P is the best budget smartphone for you. However, if you have one already then you can taste the sweetness of Android 5.1 Lollipop with this new MyROM custom ROM. Today I will tell you a very easy way with which you can install this very new ROM on your Sony Xperia P. Read below to learn about installing this ROM.

Custom ROM installing is risky process which may brick your Xperia P device in just one wrong step. That’s why it is better to take excellent care when installing the custom ROM on your phone. As you have already rooted your Sony Xperia P device and installed a custom recovery, your phone’s warranty has already been cracked. Therefore, if anything goes wrong during the process, you can’t take it to the custom care center to fix your phone. The following guide using MyRom is tested earlier so don’t blame us if you ended up bricking your device. After installing the MyRom custom ROM you can’t get OTA updates for your phone. You should manually flash back the stock Android you want when the software update arrives.

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Make a backup of your important data stored on your Sony Xperia phone or it will get deleted during this installation process. Backup your data to your PC so it will stay safe there. Also make backup of your important contacts by syncing them to your Google account or exporting them to your phone’s SD card. For that go to contacts, open menu and tap on import/export contacts then export contacts to SD card. Doing so will save a .vcf file to your phone’s SD card and to import them repeat the same process and select import from SD card.

You need a Windows-based PC with a reliable internet connection, so that you can download the ROM zip file which is a huge file. A USB cable make sure that it should not be damaged or it may brick your phone. Your phone rooted and a custom recovery installed on it and make sure to enable USB debugging on it. Go to Settings > Developer Options > check USB debugging option. Also charge your phone’s battery to 70% before this process.

Steps to install My ROM on Sony Xperia P

  1. Download the ROM zip file and G apps zip file and save them on the desktop.
  2. Now plug your Xperia P phone to your PC and transfer these downloaded zip files to your phone’s SD card.
  3. After the transfer is complete, unplug your phone from the PC and shut it down completely by pressing and holding the Power key and tap on power off.
  4. Wait till your phone goes off completely and turn it on to Recovery Mode.
  5. When in Recovery Mode, tap on “backup” then confirm the step.
  6. Come back to the main menu and tap on “wipe” then confirm to wipe the system.
  7. After that, tap on “install” then “choose zip from SD card”, now you have to choose the ROM zip file and confirm to flash the ROM.
  8. After that install the G apps zip file in the same way.
  9. The installation is complete. Now you can reboot your phone to the installed custom ROM by taping on “reboot” then “system” available on the main menu.

Wait for some time and your Xperia P smartphone will boot to the newly installed custom ROM. If it takes a long time to boot, then force shut down your phone and boot it to recovery again, tap on restore then select the backup we just created and restore the previous ROM back. And for any query you can ask me by posting them to comment section below.

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