Android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROM with tablet UI is released for your Amazon Kindle Fire. I will tell you the steps to install this custom ROM on your phone later in this article. This custom ROM will give your device a stock Jelly Bean interface in tablet mode. As this is a custom ROM made by some third-party developers so you should know that this ROM has nothing to do with Android or Amazon. They also does not recommend this flashing process cause this type of flashing process is illegal and may lead to violation of your device’s warranty.

After installing this Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to your Kindle Fire you will get all the features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and with the Google apps you need like Google Play Store, Google Now, You Tube and lots more. This custom ROM is stable for everyday use, this custom ROM has only one bug and that HW codecs don’t work on this ROM that means you have to disable HD before watching videos on You Tube. If you don’t care about this bug by any cause then you should install and experience this custom ROM once.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Before installing this ROM to your Amazon Kindle Fire you should do some preparation so you can easily flash this ROM on your device without any trouble and without bricking your device.

  • Back all your phone up before all this process or you will lose them during this process cause before flashing we are going to format internal memory of your device. You can sync all your contacts to Google Account that will keep your contacts safe and restore them after all this process. Backup all your media like music, photos, videos and important documents to your PC or any other external drive to keep them safe. You can also move your files to your device’s SD card as flashing won’t affect your device’s SD card.
  • Your Kindle Fire should have been rooted and TWRP custom recovery installed as we need to install the ROM using this recovery.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device in settings. This is important, do not go beyond this step before enabling USB debugging.
  • There is a step in the tutorial to install Google Apps zip file to your phone via recovery this step is so important cause Google Apps zip file contains all the Goole Apps like Play Store, G-Mail, You Tube and many more. If you skip this step you won’t be able to get these apps from anywhere so don’t skip this step.
  • Charge your device to at least 75% battery cause flashing ROM on your device consume lots of battery and if your phone loses power during the process your phone might get bricked.
  • Do not skip any step during all this process cause skipping any step by you can make your device to pay for and it might get bricked.
  • Install this custom ROM on your device only as this ROM is made specially for Amazon Kindle Fire devices this ROM won’t work on any other Android device as it may also can brick your device.

Now you are all set to install this Android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROM on your Kindle Fire. Do not go beyond this if you haven’t read all the points listed above as they are very important steps to prepare you and your device before installing his custom ROM.

Steps to install this Jelly Bean custom ROM to your Amazon Kindle Fire.

  1. Download Jelly Bean ROM zip file for your Kindle fire from here.
  2. Download Google Apps zip file from here.
  3. Transfer both zip files to your phone’s SD card as they are, do not extract them!
  4. Reboot your Kindle Fire to recovery mode by turning off your phone and power it on by pressing power and when a triangle appears press power again and you will be in recovery mode.
  5. On recovery tap on “Backup”,  give this backup a name and then confirm the step.
  6. Now come to home screen and tap on “Wipe” and then confirm the process.
  7. Now come to home screen then tap on “Install” then tap on “choose zip from SD card” then browse through your phone’s SD card and select the Jelly Bean ROM zip file then confirm the process.
  8. Now install Google Apps zip file as you have installed the ROM zip file in step 7.
  9. After installation go to home screen the tap on “Reboot” the “System”.
  10. This will reboot your phone normally and soon you will see the boot animation on your phone’s display.

If you have done every thing as this tutorial told you then your phone will reach the welcome screen in 10 to 12 minutes as first boot takes some time. And if your phone don’t reach the welcome screen even after a long period then you should repeat the process again.

Now enjoy a new User Interface on your Kindle Fire with Jelly Bean’s tablet UI. Don’t forgot to like and share this tutorial with your friends cause many more Kindle users like you are waiting to change their phones OS and you can give them their chance.

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