The iFile cydia tweak is one of the most popular Cydia tweaks to ever come out with well over a few million downloads already. The popular iFile cydia tweak has just recently had an update too bringing it up to version 1.7 0-1.

iFile cydia tweak is short for iOS file management and can be used for Jailbroken devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


The update comes with lots of new features to build on what was already a strong foundation.

The main reason why this iFile tweak is so great is because it allows users to gain deep root access to any files. The iFile 1.7 update manages to rebuild both local and remote file handling. The update also includes FTP client update, all new support for Airblue and much more.

For users of iFile on iOS 5.1 and iOS 5.1.1 you might have noticed several bugs and issues floating around, well the iFile update gets rid of those bugs also.

Even though the iFile tweak is illegally downloaded by the vast majority of people, it’s important to note that this is actually illegal and not the right way to go about getting it. It is actually meant to be a paid cydia tweak. i believe around the $4 mark for a legit copy. It’s a small fee for a really handy tool, so please give back to the people who give to you these great tools.

If you want to pick up a legit copy of the updated iFile tool you can get yours from theBigBoss Repo.

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