The ZTE Zmax is a smartphone that came out close to the end of 2014. It comes out of the box with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Two phone carrier networks in the United States let you pick this one up still today including T-Mobile and MetroPCS.


  • There’s no point following the steps unless your device is already rooted.
  • While the following does remove root access, it will not work if you have already installed custom ROM on the device.
  • You can wipe the current custom ROM by entering the recovery mode and choosing to wipe data factory reset. Remember that it does wipe all of the data so you should backup the data you don’t want to lose first such as the phone contacts and pictures.
  • You should already have the SuperSU application on your device from following the rooting guide.
  • Make sure you have enough battery power for you to use the program without the handset shutting down. You are not connecting to the computer.


1. Tap on the SuperSU application available from your app drawer.

2. Wait until the app opens.

3. About halfway down the screen of options is one called “Full Unroot.”

4. Tap to use that option.

5. Wait until the tool does its magic. Do not press any buttons until it finishes.

6. You will need to reboot your device when it’s complete. Now when you start the phone the next time, you will not have any of the rooted apps or custom ROMs working on your device.

The ZTE Zmax smartphone is now unrooted which means it’s again running on the stock ROM. There can be quite a few different stock ROMs for any one device, and the version of Android that you’re running now might not be the same version that your device initially shipped with or the version that you were running before choosing to root your device. That being said, you are able to accept any over the air updates now, so if a new software update comes in, which it will if there are any that your manufacturer and phone carrier network have rolled out to other people with your same device name, then you can install them without any worries. You wouldn’t typically do that with root access as flashing OTA updates can be problematic; however, now that you’re unrooted it is fine to go ahead and do.

If you do ever root your ZTE smartphone again in the future and want to update the version of Android, then you should always flash the stock ROM manually. The source for stock ROMs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so find a reliable one for yours and an appropriate flashing tool.