After posting two articles about taking full site screenshots in Firefox and Chrome, you might have been thinking about how to take full site screenshot in the Windows & Mac OS. The above two methods are working in web browsers; sometimes you may need to use this facility in Windows & Mac OS itself. So for these OSes, two great and useful utilities come handy. Here are the two software for the Windows as well as for Mac to take full site screenshots.

WebShot For Windows

WebShot for Windows is a small utility which allows you to take the full web page screenshot with just a few clicks. It can be obtained at free of cost from its official website and runs out-of-the-box. Just download it and install it. Then, open it from the Start Menu. In the Source URL field, enter the site URL of which you want to take a screenshot and choose the folder where you want to save the captured screenshot in Target Path. Hit the Start button and there you go! The software then saves the screenshot in the folder you have chosen. Besides these features, it lets you capture the screenshot in various web browser resolutions; it can be changed from the software settings page. You can also set the screenshot size.

Paparazzi For Mac

Paparazzi is an App for Mac to let you take the screenshot of the entire webpage within your OS. It can save the captured screenshot in the PDF format, too. It is really easy to take a screenshot with this app, just open the app, set the site URL and hit the capture button. Then, save the captured screenshot.

The above two software for the Windows and Mac will surely help you in many situations when you want to take the full site screenshot.

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