Android Alcatel phones have lots and lots of features that we came to know about everyday. You can do so much things with android devices, if you want to know more about android then read tips and tricks for android, side load apps to android and best things to do with android devices. But today I only focus on taking screenshot on your Alcatel Idol 3. You will read the two best and easy methods to take screenshots with your phone.

In one of them you need to download an app from Google Play Store so it’s better to know that installing an app from Google Play Store may charge you.

Touch idol 3

There are many methods for taking screenshots in android devices and today I’m mentioning the three possible methods out of them with which you will be able to take screenshot on your Alcatel Idol 3.

Method 1: Key combination

In this method you don’t need anything except your phone. This method is a little tricky, so follow the steps very carefully.

  1. First unlock your phone and navigate to the screen you want to take screenshot of.
  2. Close any pop up if your phone screen has (unless you want to take the shot of that pop up too).
  3. Now this is the tricky part, press the volume up key and power key together (press them together or you will not be able to take screenshot).
  4. You will see an animation on your phone screen with a beep sound.
  5. To see your screenshot open the notification panel and tap on the “Screen shot taken” notification.
  6. Or you can also check out your screenshots in the gallery below the Screenshot album.

Method 2: Dedicated application

In this method you need your phone with internet connection.

  1. Unlock your phone and head to the all apps and launch Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Go screenshot in there and install that app on your phone.
  3. After installing, launch the app and minimize it by tapping the home key once.
  4. You will see a semitransparent button on the screen with the camera icon.
  5. Now when you want to take screenshot, navigate to the screen you want to take screenshot of and press that button on the screen.
  6. After screenshot has been taken you can view them in your gallery under the Screenshot album.

There you have it! Now you can take screenshots with your Alcatel Idol 3 phone and can share them with your friends too! If you know any method other than those mentioned above you can share that with us using the comment section below.

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