In Windows, the default clock comes, and it shows the time and the date. You can customize it to show your name in place of AM and PM. This trick works great if you want to have your name near the clock. Like, you can set your name in place of AM and your friend’s name in place of PM. The trick is very easy and can be done within few steps.

Showing what your name is next to the clock on a computer that runs on the Windows operating system

Step 1: Go to Start>>Control Panel and click on “Clock, Language, and Region.“

Step 2: Then, click on “Region and Language” option.

Step 3: Now, you will see a dialog box. Click on “Additional Settings…“. Doing so will popup a new dialog box.

Step 4: Navigate to “Time” tab, now in the box of “PM Symbol,“ enter your name instead of AM. I will enter my name MAHESH. Hit the “Apply” button.

The result will look like this:

That’s it! You have done setting up your name near the clock.

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