Windows Media Player is a multimedia player which comes preloaded with the Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows Media Player can play almost all the popular video as well as audio formats on your PC. If you are a fond of playing music on your PC, then the Windows Media Player is your best friend. It allows you to create playlists in which you can add your favorite music tracks and when you want to play them all, just click on the playlist name. Also, it has the library function which searches music files on your PC and then adds it to the library. So, you don’t need to search for music files on your PC; you can get all them directly from the player.

If you are really fond of music and want never to miss any of the words in the song, then you should read the lyrics as the music plays. But, it is time-consuming and annoying task to search the lyrics of the song you are playing and keep switching from Web browser to Media player to read the lyrics. There is a plugin available for the Windows Media Player which can show the lyrics of the song you are currently playing. By using this plugin, you do not have to search for the song name and even don’t need to open your web browser. As soon as you start playing the song, the plugin will fetch the lyrics of that song and will show in place of the equalizer. It fetches the lyrics from the Internet, so your Internet connection must be working in order to get the lyrics.

Lyrics Plugin For Windows Media Player

Lyrics Plugin is a plugin for Windows Media Player that shows the lyrics while you are playing a song. It is free of cost plugin made for the Windows Media Player, Winamp, and iTunes. You just have to download the plugin using the given link below. After that, install the plugin by following the setup process. And then, open your Windows Media Player App, for faster access, just press Win Key+R and then type wmplayer and hit Enter. Doing so will open Windows Media Player on your PC. Now, start playing any song and change the view mode to Now Playing. Press Ctrl+3 to enable so. Now, you will see the lyrics of the song you are playing on the screen. The plugin also enables you to change the configuration of the lyrics appearance, such as color, etc. It can be done by clicking on the configuration link when you are on any lyrics page.

Download: Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player

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