URL shortening services are growing day by day because of their excellent service. Sites like doesn’t support more than 160 chars. Therefore you can’t add the site links which are bigger in size. These type of URL shortening services let you short your long URL and make it short. Then, you can share this short URL everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. But, these sites usually short one URL at a time. So, if you have a big list of URLs to be shortened, then you have to shorten one by one. That is time-consuming and tedious. But, there is a solution available to short Multiple URLs at once.

There is a site called which lets you multiple short URLs at a time. The site is straightforward and easy to use. First of all, go to, you will see two fields, in the first field, give a title to the URLs and in the second field, enter the URLs per line you want to shorten and hit the Create Link button. That’s it! You will get a single short URL which redirects you to multiple big URLs. Sites like Krunch, provides the same service.

I hope the above tip has helped you in shortening the multiple URLs!

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