Google starts to make its space in every field like Google docs and spreadsheet to compete with the popular Microsoft office on Android devices. Google made its music service app to compete with all the music apps available in store. Google Play Music is also a great and affordable music service comparable to any other app available in Google Play Store. Google is offering 30 days free trial of its service and after that you have to pay $9.99 for a month.

You can listen, purchase or download songs you love from this app and listen them offline. You can also make a custom radio with limitless skip feature. This app even recommends you new music on the basis of your previous purchases. I’m sure you will love this and don’t ever prefer any other app to your friends.

Google Play Music

OK! let’s get back to work. Today I will tell you a way to set up a Google Play Music account on your Android device — it can be both smartphone or any Android tablet. This service is only limited to some countries like the USA and UK, I can also tell you a trick to set up a Google Play Music outside the US. Tell me in the comments if you want that guide, I will do that for you later.

Steps to set up Google Play Music service in Android

Make sure that your phone is connected to internet before all this or you will be charged for the main account for this.

  1. First unlock your phone and go to settings.
  2. From accounts, select “Google”.
  3. Select the account with which you want to set up Google Play Music.
  4. If you haven’t got an option for Google Play Music then you have to sign up for the Google play Music services on the website first with the same account.

Steps to set up Google Play Services with other Google account

If your phone is connected to other Google account and you sign up for Google Play Music services with other Google account? Don’t worry, we still have a solution for this problem.

  1. First go to Google Play Music app.
  2. Open menu, then tap on settings, choose Google account.
  3. Fill all the details of your account (which you want to attach with Music app) there.

Google Play app is a multi OS app, you can install it on iOS, window PCs and Macs too. For that you just have to install that app on any device you want and sign up with your Google account in there, you can find it in the settings.

That’s it! now enjoy your music on the go and thank me by liking and sharing this article if it helps you.

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