Each program which you use on your computer, having the login system, might ask you to save the username and password for the next access. Usually, these save prompts help you to save the login for that particular site easily, program and so you don’t need to enter it while using that program the next time. Most of us have saved their Usernames and Passwords in the browser, so the autofill feature automatically fills the login page of any site with its login details.

Chat clients like Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger, Download Managers like Internet Download Manager, offers you to save passwords for the secure access at later time. These programs save your password, and when to go to see them, they show in the asterisks. Thus, you can’t see your password. If you have forgotten your password and have saved it any of the programs, and the program is showing only the asterisks instead of the real password, then you can simply use the utility given below to reveal the passwords behind asterisks.

BulletsPassView is a free program created especially to reveal the passwords behind asterisks. By using this tool, you can ultimately see all the passwords hidden behind asterisk without doing much work. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps given below.

First, Download the BulletsPassView Utility using the link given at the end of this article, and then install and open it.

As soon as you open the BulletsPassView, the program will automatically fetch the data from the open programs and lets you see the passwords behind the asterisks. If you don’t see the password for any program you have open, though, you can just refresh the list by pressing the F5 button in the program.

For example, if you want to see the password of Google Talk on your PC, which is hidden behind the asterisks, just open the Google Talk, and run this utility. It will do the task in seconds and will present you your password, which was hidden.

I like this utility as it helps me to reveal the passwords behind asterisks, sometimes I forget the passwords, so it comes in use.

Download: BulletsPassView Free

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