The virus is the most common name mostly heard in the areas where the computer is used. The virus is an unwanted thing (file), which comes in your PC by various ways. It can enter your PC from a virus infected pen drive; file downloaded from the internet, or from anything. Before start working on any suspicious file, you should scan that file with a virus scanner, so your PC don’t get infected with any viruses. However, there are some events when you do not have any Antivirus software on your PC, or the Antivirus is not reliable to detect the virus. At that time, online virus scanner comes handy. Let’s see what it is.

VirusTotal – Online Virus Scanner

VirusTotal is a website which provides you for scanning your files online for the viruses, malwares and any other threats. It scans your file with multiple Antiviruses, so the chances are very low that it can’t detect the virus infected file. Here are some of its features:

You can upload any file from your PC with size up to 20MB to scan it online.

You can also enter the URL of the file to be scanned, so you don’t need to upload the file if it’s already somewhere on the Internet.

Multiple AntiViruses Scan your file and show the reports.

If you do not want to upload the file, then you can email the file as an attachment for scanning. To do so, send an email with the attachment to with the text SCAN in the subject field. In reply, you will get the plain text report of the scanned file. The file should not exceed the 20MB. If it does, then it will be rejected automatically.

It provides Addons for most popular browsers, including Google Chrome. So, you can easily scan any suspicious file/link from your web browser within a click.”

VirusTotal is free of cost site with a really useful feature of scanning files. What do you think of it?

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