The LG G3 S is the little sister of the flagship LG G3, sporting a similar design, but with lesser specs. The phone touts 1 GB of RAM, along with a Snapdragon 400 chipset, and an impressively sized battery at 2540 mAh. Without a doubt, it’s a great phone for basic daily use, such as checking social media, texting/calling, music, and using the internet.

Of course, the phone’s full potential isn’t available right out of the box and that’s where this guide can help. Rooting your LG G3 will open up a world of  detailed customizability and improve your overall experience with the device. The enhanced experience  of using the phone after rooting will be quite noticeable and valuable, if you use root access to its full potential.


Before you begin make sure you have a microUSB to USB cable that can connect to a PC, which is another item you will need to complete this. Additionally, make sure your LG G3 S is charged up to 70% or more, as you don’t want it dying at some point during the rooting process. Follow the rest of this guide carefully and you’ll end up with a properly rooted LG G3 S!

You can backup the G3 S by installing helium from Google Play, and a number of other apps. Use the Google Play Store search box and type in the keywords for the part you want to backup to find a list of appropriate apps. Once you have root access, you can think about installing the Titanium Backup application. Furthermore, that’s when you can easily take a NANDroid backup instead.

Rooting the LG G3 S

1. Download the Root File.

2. Extract the file on your PC.

3. Connect your LG G3 S via USB to your PC.

4. Double click the LG Root Script.bat file, which will activate the One Click Script.

5. A command window will appear and the rooting process will begin.

6. Follow the instructions in the command window to completion.

7. Once the rooting process is done, reboot your phone, if it hasn’t already, and check your applications list. If SuperSu is installed, you have successfully rooted your device!

Now that you’ve rooted your device, you can look into installing a new ROM or just customizing small parts of the phone OS. Tell us in the comments below how rooting your LG G3 S has enhanced your phone and check back on Tech Chomps for more helpful guides!

You can read all the amazing features you can now install with root access by clicking here. Alternatively, you can make sure that the guide above for the G3 S was successful by installing any of the root checker apps available on Google Play.


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