HTC One Remix is a mid range smart phone and as it is an Android phone then it should be rooted before taking it to high level of customization and performance. Today is your lucky day that you found this very easy and fast process, this process is almost hassle free. Using this process you just have to click a button of your mouse. So read all the parts of this article and follow the steps carefully.

Rooting android device is illegal process, not recommended by the smart phone manufacturer and Google also. Rooting is a risky process and may brick your phone if any thing goes wrong. You probably do not know it is an illegal process so if you root your phone then your phone’s warranty will get void and you can’t claim it until you unroot it back and you have to pay for any assistance for your phone.

HTC One Remix

You need a Windows-based PC or Mac (this software is available for Mac also), a USB cable to connect your phone to PC (better if you use the original one) and your phone with the bootloader unlocked. Enable the USB debugging mode by going to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB debugging from here. If you are not able to see the Developer Options there then unlock it by going to Settings > About Device > tap on build number 7 times. Make sure that your phone should have at least 40% battery left on it so it won’t go off during the rooting process as it may brick your phone.

Backup all of your important data, files or messages to any safe place, this will make sure that your data is safe if any thing goes wrong during this process. Backup all of your contacts by syncing them to your Google account so you can have them back when you want them. Also backup all the media files stored on your phone like photos, videos and music to your PC or any other external drive.

Steps to root HTC one remix

  1. First install HTC USB drivers on your phone, you can do that by installing HTC sync manager on your PC.
  2. Now download and install MobileGo software on your PC.
  3. Now connect your phone to PC.
  4. After Mobile Go detect your device you will be able to see a “One Click Root” button on Mobile go, hit that button and wait for some time.
  5. You will see a pop up saying that your phone has been rooted.

Good! you have rooted your phone in just a click now you can do some cool things on your phone, oh! and you can check if your phone is now with root access or not by installing any of these root checker app on your phone.

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