Blu Studio 5.0 C HD is a very good phone with an affordable price, you can’t buy a HD android smart phone in just $132. This phone has a HD screen with a quad-core processor. If you want to make out most of your phone then you should root it, and to do that you have to read this full article. This article guides you through entire process of rooting your phone. Read all parts of this article and follow steps carefully or you might be ended up with a bricked device.

Rooting your phone is not recommended by the manufacturer or Google because rooting is a risky process and may brick down your phone. Rooting also voids your phone’s warranty so you can’t claim your phone’s warranty until it’s rooted. So apply all the steps carefully and read all of this article, don’t skip any part.

Blu Studio 5.0 C HD

Details of Note

  • Always backup your important data stored in your phone before performing any illegal actions like rooting or installing custom ROMs.
  • Sync your contacts to your Google account so you can get them back after rooting your device. Backup all the media files stored on your phone like photos, videos and music to your PC or any other external drive.
  • You need a PC and a USB cable to root your phone. On PC you should have an internet connection to download an apk.
  • On your phone go to Settings > Security > Enable Install from Unknown Resources. Doing so is important to do because without enabling it your phone don’t allow this apk to get installed on your phone.

Steps to Root Blu Studio 5.0 HD

  1. Download KingRoot app from here.
  2. Transfer it to your phone via USB cable and remove your phone when transfer’s done.
  3. Now on phone, install this app by going to any file explorer, browse through the phone and tap on the KingoRoot.apk and confirm to install.
  4. After installation Launch the Kingo Root app from the app drawer.
  5. On Kingo Root, app tap on Green root button and let it do its job.
  6. Your phone will get rooted and reboots automatically.
  7. When your phone boots check for King User app in app drawer, if you found it that means your phone has the internal system unchained successfully.

Now you can uninstall Kingo Root app from the application manager, this doesn’t affect your phone in any way. If anything bothering you then you can ask me about it by posting it in the comment section below. Lastly, check out the root checker app from Google Play to find out if it’s working.