The HTC Vivid is a smartphone released during 2011 but interestingly still has many of the same looks that the same company uses today. It also comes with a display size that’s bigger than most of the iPhone series with 4.5-inches.

It’s one handset that’s way ahead of its time, and many people are still using it today as their daily drive. If you are using it as your daily device or your secondary phone, you can apply the steps below and open up the system internals with root access.


  • The HTC Vivid is getting older now, and as such we know it’s had a few software updates. You should apply the steps below for the device that’s running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. You can check your software version by navigating to the About Device section from the Settings.
  • Understand that you are voiding any warranty that still comes with the phone. If you are holding this handset since the year, it first came out that likely doesn’t include you anyway.
  • You will need a computer to follow the guide. Likewise, you’ll need the USB cable the phone comes with out of the box.
  • Download and install the HTC USB drivers from here.


1. Connect the smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.

2. Copy and Paste the SuperUser zip file to the internal SD card storage of the phone.

3. Wait until the transfer completes before unplugging the phone from the computer now.

4. Boot the handset in Bootloader Mode by holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons.

5. Wait for a new menu to appear on the display and choose the recovery mode option.

6. You are now booting the device into the ClockworkMod Recovery.

7. Choose the install zip from SD card followed by choosing “zip from SD card” and then choose the Superuser zip file to upload.

8. Wait until the Superuser is fully installed.

9. Now follow the path back to the main recovery menu and select the reboot system now option.

10. When the device reboots by itself, you have root access with Superuser installed. You are now ready for flashing custom ROMs or installing those great applications from the Google Play Store.

You now have root access to the HTC Vivid smartphone on the Android 4.0.3 software update. For as long as you don’t accept any future software up[date that’ll break the root access, you can now install any application out there in existence. Before that wasn’t the case, and you could only install the apps that didn’t require root access to run. Those particular applications are referred to as root apps, and they get their name because they are the ones that need full system access before they can have enough permissions to do what is asked of them. The word “root” for the Linux operating system, which is the operating system that Android is based on, is referring to getting administrative permissions. Also lurking out there, however, is malware that would love to get its hands on an Android operating system that is offering it full administrative rights over the operating system so always make sure that you’re installing real apps and not fake ones or you might wind up in a bit of trouble.