The HTC Merge is a smartphone that’s coming of age now, and the last update it had was 2.3.4 Gingerbread. If you are running the 2.2 Froyo on your device, you can use this guide. Do not apply the following steps if you are running the later gingerbread update as it will not work.

Once you’re done rooting the smartphone it’ll reboot automatically, and then you’re ready to start getting those root applications installed, most of them being available from the same Google Play Store that you already know and love.


  • This device has had a few different software updates since its release. The latest is the final stage of Gingerbread. That does not work with this tutorial. Instead, you should only apply the following steps using the Android 2.2 Froyo.
  • The following guide does void any remaining warranty on the device. You can use those privileges back again by returning back to the stock Android software update. That does lock up the system internals again, so there is no root access.
  • Applying the files gives you a temporary root access. There is no permanent root access available. Do not turn off your device if you want to keep the root access alive. You can always apply the same guide again afterward if you want to gain the same root access once more. There are no limits to the amounts of time you install the file.
  • You must first enable the USB Debugging mode before continuing. Do that by navigating to Settings > Applications > Development > Check the USB Debugging box.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings also. To do that simply navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.


1. Download the Visionary APK from here.

2. Do not extract the file to he desktop this time.

3. Connect the smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.

4. Transfer the APK file over to the internal SD card storage space.

5. You must have a file manager installed on the device. There are several good ones available from the Google Play Store.

6. Open the file manager and tap to open the APK file you downloaded from the desktop.

7. Tap the ‘temproot now’ option from the menu.

8. The handset is now automatically rooted. You do not have to reboot the device. As soon as you do it’s going to lose the rot access.

The HTC Merge smartphone is now successfully rooted and able to get those root applications not only installed but running on the operating system as well, just as if they were regular apps. The Visionary APK might not be as familiar a rooting method as others, but it doesn’t matter because you can still do the same thing as you would have been able to with a more common one-click rooting tool or SuperSU. It all comes down to the extra applications that you now have at your disposal, and there are quite a few. All up the number goes into the thousands, but only a few hundred of them are used every day by the masses. You’ll find heaps of the root applications available from the Google Play Store, but there are also some big name apps that aren’t there such as Viper4Android. Google doesn’t care about root apps in general but there is the occasional one that they take offense to for whatever reason, and those are often the ones that you’ll need to source from somewhere else.

If there is a famous root application not available from the Google Play Store, then it’s likely going to have its own thread on the XDA-Developers website. You can trust those links because the website is moderated and well kept after. Just be wary of any download links they were posted recently as they might not have been edited yet. But anything that was posted long ago, like most of the root applications were, will be fine to trust because the moderators had obviously seen them there and trusted them. You can always read the comments and see what others are saying as well as each download link has its own thread that is available to comment on.